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  1. R

    Please help me change a black png file to white.

    I have a logo in the form of a png file. It is text with a drop shadow and has a transparent background. This works well on a sites light background but they want to be able to use it on black backgrounds also. Can anyone tell me how to change this black logo to white and keep the subtle...
  2. G

    Black file

    Hey guys, So I've been working on a file for a few days now and my last save was a few hours ago, where i shut down my computer. Now that I am trying to open it back up again, all that is in my file is a black background layer and nothing else, but the thumbnail still shows what the...
  3. A

    Remove black border from all-white image?

    Hi all, I'm a Photoshop beginner, and I am having some troubles. I have created a solid white image on a "transparent background." The problem is it comes with a small black border around the image. How can I remove it? I'm hoping to put it on a t-shirt - almost like it's screened. I've...
  4. D

    How to change object colors to black or white ?

    Since changing hue values does not give such a result i was wondering if there is proper way to do it. Desired result samples : Before : After :
  5. R

    How to change the black background to white behind the glowing bulb?

    Please check this image and suggest, i have Adobe Photoshop CS5. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not a professional but possess some knowledge of photoshop. Thank you in advance!!!
  6. A

    change black hair to any other colour

    Hi can someone point me or instruct me on how to change black hair to any other colur like green red etc. I was able to change colour of lighter colur hair but failed to do so with black hair, I'm using photoshop CS5 thank you
  7. T

    Photoshop File Opens as Black Background Layer

    So I was working on a college assignment when my laptop crashed. Luckily I'd saved my work right before this happened. In the file preview when I'm opening the file, it shows what I was working on, but when I open that photoshop file it just presents me with a solid black background layer...
  8. D

    black and white

    can i make these look more cartoony and black and white like the bloke in the BC2 wallpaper below?