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  1. P

    Specific Cover grass above rocks with sky

    Hello! Can anyone put the blue sky above the rocks? The random grass/weeds would look a lot better if they…were not visible lol. Basically, replace the grass with the blue sky, so all you see is the rock I’m on and the blue sky?
  2. M

    Specific How to make this milk-packet cat more natural?

    Offer your options how this cat would be more natural or/and interesting looking. Attach your works pdf(if its possible) or png. And of cause you can use any images to create
  3. K

    Specific Cat on a log

    Hi Can anyone tidy up this picture of my cat .. on a log. It was taken through a window hence the reflection, blurring at the top and the colours are all a bit washed out. If it's too much hassle, no problem, but if someone is up for a challenge I'd be very grateful ☺
  4. A

    Creative A fun idea if you're feeling creative

    Hello once again, lovely and talented people of this amazing forum. I was going through some posts on here and realized that you all have an amazing sense of humor so I was wondering if it was possible to make this cat look like royalty or anything creative you come up with as I plan to use it...
  5. EchoTheGecko

    Specific Change cat’s eye color from green to blue

    I would do this myself, but sadly I’m on vacation and away from my pc, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could do this quickly for me. Quickly change the cat’s eye color from the pale green it currently is to a frosty blue color, please try to make it look realistic! Change this cat’s eye color...
  6. W

    Specific Background 4 my cat

    Hi I was hoping to find someone who could Photoshop my cat with a cool background. Just lay down I was hoping for something trippy but will settle for anything you might think is cool . It's for my timeline cover on Facebook. Thank you I appreciate anyone's help
  7. L

    Specific Can someone help me turn my cat into captain america?

    My anniversary is coming up and my boyfriend loves my cat and captain america so I'd love to get him a photo that embodies both. I've attached a couple of photos of my cat and can provide more if needed! Our anniversary is the first week of December which I understand may be short notice but if...
  8. IamSam

    Cat Study One

    Hey guys. I decided to do some digital paintings and I started with this study of a cat photo that I found on Pixabay (Smaller version) I only have about six hours in this painting and since it's just a study, I've left out some detail. While the painting follows the reference closely, I...
  9. chrisdesign

    3D Trilogy with Cats

    For once I did use some 3D objects from archive 3D to do these images. The main actor in these series is a cat. (Never tried to sculpt yet). I spent a lot of time on lighting the scene to create 'backlight'. I also tried various materials here. The original cat, positioned 3 times. Car...
  10. M

    Can someone photoshop my cat and add a background?

    Need my cat as a profile picture, but I need some background, I'm not exactly sure what would fit, maybe space I don't care as long as it looks good, thanks.
  11. A

    Me and my cat wnts this picture to look like we are techno music duo

    Hello Guys I am Ab and (in the picture) my new adopted cat "Lion King". We dont take good pictures and thispicture somehow happened and we look dead serious in this , so we want to make the most of it. It would be really kind if you can make this picture look like the album covers of techno...
  12. C

    photoshop out the tiny bit of white collar please

    Hi, we sadly lost our pet cat after 19 years with us. I want to put a nice picture in a frame for the family for xmas but there is a bit of white collar that sticks out with ruins the whole photo. Could someone get rid of it please so it just looks like black fur and whiskers if thats...
  13. S

    Issues with clipping mask and overlay blending options.

    Hello Gurus! First post. I am following this tutorial ( ) and ran into a hiccup on step 9. I have created a circle with the ellipsis tool as a background to a cat image. I then applies a clipping mask as...
  14. ugur

    Weird Cat

    There is one stock here, the cat: And two other pictures are taken by me. I remember that once this type of animals are very famous but everyone is get bored, except me :) Result:
  15. ugur

    Cat Alone

    This time i used a picture taken by me and added a stock cat to it. Cat :
  16. M

    Hopefully easy photoshop request

    Hey So my friend went out of town and asked me to feed his cat, and asked to send a pic or two. The cat decided to hide each time I went so I couldn't do that. Then I decided to just edit a cat into his living room to freak him out a bit, but realized that I don't know how that works. I have...
  17. ibclare

    Our Cat Suki

    Dave and I went to a work banquet Friday night after a really long & already emotional day, meeting commitments, driving all over the county. Dave drove 250 miles that day, home from work, downtown with me, up to the dinner at a cas-ino in north county, home . .. (Stupid auto mod wouldn't let...
  18. Cindy Grundsten


    This is something new. I love animals and its so fun to create animal arts. I have done some other in colors, both dogs and cats. But this one without colors is a new way to work for me. I hope you like! :lol: Stock I have used: The cat Wall Floor Rat Stock provider for the hat I can...
  19. C

    Hello Everyone! I'm Cat

    I went to school to learn to be a web designer; I am thinking that was my first mistake! Now I am trying to learn on my own since there was soooo many gaps in what I learned at school! I want to learn how to make web sites in Photoshop because it appears to be a much more creative way to do...
  20. psyclop

    My cat Cadie & her kitty

    I took this picture at home, and I really like it. I had to react fast too fast and the auto focus did not get it quite got blurry, I am trying to fix it, cause I'll never be able to reproduce it. I've use highpass filter on an overlay blending mode. Any tips to improve it ? original...