1. R

    Lost my catalog in PSE 8.0

    When restoring windows7 Microsoft had to change my user account name. I can not access my photos and I can't find my catalog file. What can I do or how can I find and recover the catalog from a backup?HELP!!!:cry:
  2. gautamz07

    splash screen designs

    Hey guys , been a long time , hope you all have been doing fine :D i just made the below designs for splash screens , have a look and tell me what you think about them: second design: and lastly the product catalog page: What do you think about these ? :D :D :D
  3. N

    How to make a catalog for printing

    Hello everyone im Niranjana and Im new to this forum. Im creating a catalog for my company and I dn't have lots of experience. Im really confused with the size of it. but I figure it out some how. my catalog size is 8.75'x11.25 its with the bleed my question is should I create the design...
  4. N

    Esata External HD vs USB3 External HD for Photoshop/Lightroom Catalog????

    Hello all I'm very new here and this is my first post. Thanks in advance to your help! I just purchased a new Laptop which has both Esata and USB3 ports. I have 2TB drive I would like to use as my Lightroom Catalog. I know Esata is faster and would like to use it but the need for power is...
  5. J

    PSE 9 Organizer Backup Catalog Question

    Hello, I have been spending a lot of time tagging and organizing my pictures using PSE 9 Organizer. I am not done yet, but today I decided to backup my progress. I performed a full backup to an external hard drive. This was pretty straignt forward and it catloged every picture into a folder...