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  1. A

    (Photomanipulation) When the tv Stores Close!!XD

    I wanted to do it with all the tv's but i got tired! :biglaff: Cheers!
  2. F

    No Text ?

    Hi Guys When in photoshop and I use the text tool I type but no letters appear only a straight line, Is there a setting or something I need to click on? Any help appreciated. Cheers Rob
  3. A

    Gues the macro 12

    My first macro post, to be fair i took the picture from an old poster that's why it's looking this way, but i think it's and easy one. Cheers!
  4. A


    I start another one and this time i wanna do it a real challenge... but i think with this one i bite more than i can chew :biglaff: . Cheers!
  5. A

    The explorer

    Has been a while whithout doing a montage just for fun, so today i did something about it :cheesygrin:. Cheers!
  6. A

    First test new optic

    A couple of photos using my new optic Canon 135 l2. I now is a portrait optic and not the best for this type of events, but i was impatient for using it so i went to a little thai exposition in my city. Cheers!
  7. E

    Hello guys!

    Hello everyone! Just started using photoshop for the first time! Thought it'd be a nice to learn from the people of this forum and help if I have the skills to do so! Cheers guys!
  8. P

    Hello, New Member

    Hi All Just popped in to say Hello I am a keen Amateur Photographer, been using Photoshop for about a year, and still learning !. Look forward to reading and watching all the very useful information on here. Cheers:)
  9. C

    How did they achieve this cut?

    Hello again! Thanks for all the help on my first post. For this one, I want to knowhow they cut the red part on the left. I have the basketball wood background I'd like to use, but am trying to figure out how to do that type of cut in Photoshop. Cheers!
  10. T

    Hello Hello

    well, obviously i'm new. i'm TJ been using photoshop since CS2, for mostly my art (to color) hoping for some help and tips to improve. :) cheers
  11. J

    problems with photomerge

    HI. i have been trying too merge images together in photomerge. am doing something wrong as there not merging properly. it probably something am not doing at the beginning. or am i trying too merge too many pictures? Thanks for your help cheers john.
  12. L

    Need help changing this logo

    Wondering if anyone can change this logo to say BISCUITS. Cheers!
  13. fredfish

    Happy 2017 to all

    Have a great 2017 !! - Click image for full effect :thumbsup: Cheers John
  14. B

    Hi guys!

    I'm looking for some help finding some resources and willing to share my limited experience when it might be helpful to others! Cheers to all!
  15. G

    Hi from France

    Hi all ! I am an amateur photographer from France interested in improving his skills in Photoshop ! Looking forward to chat with all you guys, my english isn't flawless but I'll try to do my best to be understandable ! Cheers ! Gzser
  16. B

    Greetings from Canada

    Hello all! I heard good things about this place here and there (through the grapevine). Decided to register and see what the hoopla's about. Came here to find a photoshop guru to help me (hopefully) with a logo design. Hope to use this forum more in the future, so far liking it! Cheers!
  17. L

    Hi everybody!

    My name is Esther (from the Netherlands) and I have just started working with Adobe Illustrator. I have always used Photoshop before and found out Illustrator is well - something else ;-) ! Thanks in advance for your help with all my questions! And I'll do my best to help out where I can. Cheers!
  18. A

    Lady Winter

    Just practicing some things nothing special, i tried to blend it the best i could, but the is something just not convencing me on the image. Original Cheers!
  19. A

    Vampire enjoying Summer

    Sorry about this one, i was really bored today :bustagut:. Cheers!
  20. J

    Hello—long time user/book designer

    Hi. I've been a Photoshop user since v3.X, but have primarily focused on basic color work for print. I hope to increase my knowledge on particular subjects, and also add to discussions if I can. Cheers.