1. Flavius2106


    Hello! My name is Flavius, and I'm pretty advanced in PS and photograhy. I'd like to learn new things and share my work on this community. Cheers!
  2. O

    Help! - Create a net in Photoshop?

    Hello! I'll jump right into it, found this website and somehow the background really caught my attention. Tried to make myself a copy in Photoshop but not with desired look. Does anyone know if this is made in Photoshop and if, how could i recreate it? (EDIT. It's only the background]...
  3. dv8_fx

    Merry christmas to everyone...

    Enjoy the best of this special day with your loved ones..... CHEERS!!!
  4. iamJAWS

    new fish in this ocean :)

    Hello my friends! I like to call myself Jaws and I'm new here. I joined because it seems like a decent place to learn new skills in graphic designing and share what I already know. I've been using Photoshop for 4 years now and I feel there's so much to learn more! Hopefully I will like this...
  5. D

    Greetings from not so sunny Sydney

    Hi there all, I have hap PS for a few years now, and really I've only been a dabbler. Over the last few months I have got more serious, and am loving the learning process! Cheers
  6. 8

    Hi there

    Im in illustration and animation for now, and i use photoshop as my second program. First time here and i hope i can help somebody, and i hope that someone can help me ;) Hope that i will find what im looking for in this place. Cheers dudes and dudeses
  7. T

    Fix panorama?

    Hi all, looking for assistance on how to smooth the blue sky in attached panorama. What is the easiest method to fix this stitching issue? Cheers, Sean
  8. O

    Ai or PS?

    Hey again! I stumbled on this pattern on the wide web. This should be doable in both Ai and PS. I'm using CS5 and will not be able to use the new pattern feature in cs6. Any suggestions on how to do this? cheers!
  9. R

    Hi, from the UK.

    Hi, hoping to find help here & to give help if I can. I mainly work with Adobe Illustrator, but I do use photoshop too. Cars are my thing. I look forward to hearing from any members here. Cheer's, Rod.
  10. O

    Hello All,

    Hello Guys, I'm a pro-photographer and a graphics designer hoping to build my skills in the use of photoshop from all you gurus. Cheers. Obligato
  11. E


    Hi guys, I got cs6 and was wondering is there a way to make a slideshow with music and burn it to a dvd with bridge? cheers
  12. K


    Hi folks, Quick note to introduce myself. I'm KidQuixotic, based in UK currently but planning to move out to Australia as soon as possible, for as long as possible. Currently don't use PS a whole heap but I've dabbled in the past with my photography, I'd like to get a bit more proficient...
  13. M

    Hello, all! :)

    Hello, everyone. :) I'm a musician full time and I'd love to learn this in my spare time. Getting there slowly but surely. Hope to get to know more of you all at some point. Cheers, Josh