1. K

    Knife edit #3

    Hello can anyone help me make the blade in the first pic look cleaner and sharper. If possible help me clean the black spot on the blade too thank you!! Knife
  2. Roberts1010

    Can Anyone clean this picture up?

    Can you take out the power lines and the car in the background? Maybe make it a prettier day? Any help appreciated!
  3. R

    Clean up

    Hi Guys, Could you please do me a solid and clean up this pic so I might use it on my website? What I would like to request is the dirty stains on the walls and roof be removed. There is rust and stains and other marks that need removing. I'm aiming for nice clean white walls and roof behind...
  4. Inkz

    Designers Desk

    Anyone else relate to this or do you have a clean and tidy workspace?
  5. J

    Clean up this oscilloscope trace for $30

    Can you please help me clean up this oscilloscope trace? I will pay $30 via PayPal. I would prefer if you could work from the original (CR2 or JPG) here: I've included markups in the imgur album linked below, but essential I'd...
  6. D

    Searching for a particular font

    delete, idk how
  7. C

    (Request) could someone clean this up for me?

    Hello, could someone clean this up for me? And if possible make it look like a basic cartoon! If not I understand.
  8. A

    A little clean up?

    Can Someone Please clean this up for me? It's for a logo and I'm new to photoshop. It's kind of making me angry. little help please?
  9. P

    Need feedback for my sidebar

    Hey people, i hope that i would get here some feedback for my sidebar wich i designed and also build in html. Was i looking for was a minimalistic - clean sidebar so i created this one with a little effect on top of it. But when i'm now looking at it, i don't know, but it looks for me a...
  10. F

    Hello, I'm new here and need help

    My favorite picture has people in the background and I'm not good enough to fix it. Can someone clean up the background? Thanks
  11. G

    Turn 3d model into digital painting

    Hello, So I have been trying for a while now to turn this picture: into this style of image: Now after reading and watching a lot of tutorials on the subject I came up with that mediocer result: wich looks like garbage if you ask me...I used the following techniques: Reduce noise...
  12. M

    [PS CS6] Clean Scanned Blueprint

    Hello, I am 27 years old and work in Asset Protection. There is a blueprint of the place I work for with all of the cameras on it, as well as phone extensions and other information. The data changes too frequently and I decided to use a digital approach with Adobe Photoshop CS6 which...
  13. Tony42

    [Amateur] Some trouble with Photoshop

    Hello everybody, my computer isn't with me for the moment but a friend lent me his laptop, and yesterday I installed Photoshop (that was really long) and now I try to be used to its functioning. But I have two questions, please : someone recommended me to download the filter Topaz Clean, I...
  14. AlcopopStar

    [Help] Automated Clean 1 Pixel Lines?

    Hello Forum! I'm a pixel artist, and I enjoy sketching with the pencil tool in Photoshop, the issue being I spend a lot of my time cleaning lines, in particular I spend a lot of time getting rid of the blocky bits of the linework that tends to crop of with fluid use of the pencil tool. I did a...
  15. Z

    Getting used to a New (old) lens

    (images not locally referenced) So Bought a lens from ebay, which i thought was a pretty good bargain... not sure what you guys think It's an SMC pentax 80-200mm f4.5 M lens, roughly 35 years old. got it for £20 expecting a very poor condition lens, but the only gripe to report was the case it...
  16. Paul

    Anyone know what this might be?

    Found it dead in the pool earlier while doing a winter clean, 70mm long. :pimp:
  17. Howcho

    need clean lines

    I used to photoshop a bit years ago but put it down for some reason. I am trying again but am struggling of course. I like to take the art of Rub Ullman and change it for my personal use. I will find a picture that I like and change the uniform of the girl to one that I want. In this instance...
  18. W

    Cleaning up old blueprint scans

    Hi everyone, I have a question about cleaning up a scan of an old blueprint. These prints are almost 100 years old and I am working on some artwork for a renovation project. The scans can be found here and here (sorry for the links - the files were too big). I would like to clean one of these...
  19. J

    Help with duplicating this style pic

    So im in a car club and came up with our first t shirt design, but now Im working on some more I just need help duplicating the techniques in this pick. Like possible ideas of how to steps to achieve the simple clean look of the black and white caddy. and here is the design I made for our...
  20. Paul

    Welcome to the gifts lounge

    Here you can create images/gifs and post them and via using the @ tag they will be notified, keep them clean please and have fun. Tom Mann Just a bit of fun :mrgreen: