1. B

    Transform controls not working properly

    Normally, when I click on a layer, the transform controls show up. Then when I click on another layer, the transfer controls show up on the second layer, and disappear from the first layer. Now, when I click on a layer, the transform controls are added to the previous click (as if the CTRL...
  2. F

    Smart Object Help?

    Hi all. I'm having a bit of trouble using smart objects to implement filters on multiple layers. I can select all the layers, convert it to a smart object and then apply the filters easily but then when I click on the icon twice to restore my layers, it looks as though the effects I...
  3. S

    photoshop hangs when re sizing

    In order for my printer to print boarderless photos, there needs to be a 3mm boarder around the pic. What I have been doing is selecting the photo and resizing it in the top left by changing the percent size to milimeter size. Then subtracting 6 mm from the size and manually typing in that...
  4. P

    Photoshop Marquee Tool Snap to Guides - Newbie needs help

    Im new to PS idk if this is the right place to post this question but here. I'm following a tuto from i get to step 5 and for some reason when i hold shift and click not all lines stay selected why is this? as you...
  5. chrisdesign

    Steam Jet Buggy

    This crossbreed vehicle is equally at home on land and in the water. Of course, it belongs to the steampunk epoch, and is driven by steam power. As always, this is a pure fantasy Photoshop composite, though it could have been invented like this in earlier times. Your critique is very welcome...
  6. P

    there are strange problem in performance and operation of "Layer Via cut "

    hello. you see the image below: and I use "Lasso tool" for the part of the above image and I click right-click and then I click " Layer Via cut" and finally, I save image with "save for web" in file menu and then "PNG 24" and I see the image in windows photo viewer as follows: but when I open...
  7. C

    My custom sports game covers

    I used to do a lot of custom covers for the popular sports video games, here are some the most recent ones I've done.... (Click pics for full size)
  8. V

    3D 3D Layer Corrupted?

    Hello, I'm dabbling with 3D for the first time and have extruded and manipulated two layers so far. Both layers have an open eye to indicate visibility, but only one layer is visible. If I select my "Muffs" layer, I can see various options displayed in the properties palette and also in the 3D...
  9. M

    Illustrator Black Selection Arrow Won't Let Go With Wacom Tablet

    This is a problem I've had with several versions of Illustrator ( currently CC 2014) across multiple computers with more than one tablet (currently latest Intuos Pro) and driver installs. When I use the black select arrow to click select an object on the art board it acts as if I'm clicking and...
  10. chrisdesign

    Retouch a Mature Woman

    Make this 50 year old lady a little prettier. But please be gentle with her age. Background is ok. Click to enlarge for working size.
  11. O

    Help with Colage

    Hello, I am trying to make a collage full of pictures and gifs for a friend as a christmas card. You might even say it will become a full blown animation. I just started and I've already ran into some issues. I created my first gif and now I'm trying to put it on the canvas. I've copied all...
  12. R

    The "Back" Button is Hijacked by Facebook

    After reading a given PSG Forum thread, I click the "Back" button on my browser (Internet Explorer 9) to get back to the list of thread topics. But perhaps 70% of the time a single click doesn't work. Instead, I need to double-click the back button in order to avoid browsing history that...
  13. D

    opening list

    I was just wondering how I can get it so that when I click" file -> open" I can get the photos list to be listed in order of modified all the time. The way it is now it lists them in order of name (alphabetically) and I know I can just right click to order them another way but I always had them...
  14. S

    Templates Help

    Hi all I have asked in a couple of forums this question to no avail. At work I run a small studio that produces items like iphone cases and mouse mats with guests photos.Now i use the following templates that are great as all i have to do is click the click here area and it loads the open file...
  15. S

    In CS5, Layer select with out CTRL + Click? PLEASE HELP I've tried everything !!!

    Hi Guys, Can any of you help me with Photoshop CS5 on a mac please? I've tried everything including attempting to call design firms. On an active layer in the layer palette it was once possible by hovering over the layer in the palette with the cursor, then pressing ctrl + clicking to then...
  16. Barrettathome

    Click Tag Code

    Ok so I created a Flash Ad in ActionScript 3.0. I needed to ad a click tag on (release) { if (_root.clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") { getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank"); } } I was told that the it had to be in ActionScript 2.0 for the code to work. I ccanged the ActionScript to 2.0...
  17. tsaou

    alt + right click problem

    Hi , this my firstpost :) I have a litle problem with ps CS5 64x when im pressing alt+right click to adjust the hardness of my brush the red circle insight the brush i missing... any sugestions.?
  18. P

    Don't click

    I warned you