1. Pipsmom

    Hunting Grounds

    This is getting contagious making composites. This one I call Ancient Hunting Grounds.....hint find the Indian on horseback To large to post so click the links AFTER USED PICTURES
  2. M

    Illustrator Rounded Corners

    Hi guys So i am trying to get a rounded corner effect like this YouTuber did, i have asked how he did it but his not replying. i am talking about the rounded box around where it says "YouTuber" and "Dreaming to...", as what he said is click on the corners of the box and the live corners should...
  3. D

    Organising Brushes into easy-to-access Folders

    Hi, Am new to this Forum and although I've been using various versions of Photoshop since about 2000 when I first started, I think with Photoshop 4 (may have been 3) I've still got a lot to learn and tend to stick to various methods I know for working and just add new bits and pieces as and when...
  4. F

    No Text ?

    Hi Guys When in photoshop and I use the text tool I type but no letters appear only a straight line, Is there a setting or something I need to click on? Any help appreciated. Cheers Rob
  5. Tiffer73

    Interface question: Copy clipboard to new document

    Hi, I've just upgraded from 5.5 to CC. Just getting used to things. So, normally I would copy a selection from one document and do a "ctrl N" for new file from clipboard. I would click "new" and the new document would open and I would paste my clipboard instanly. Done. However, now the only...
  6. gedstar

    Free: ApertureVintage Set of 400 Photos, Only 4 days left before the offer ends

    You need to create an account to get the images here Then go to here If you don't want to use your social media account just click here You'll get to this screen, just click on the copy button and...
  7. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Photoshop Layers Not Working Properly!

    I have a weird situation. A Windows 10 Update fiasco somehow wiped Windows from my laptop. After many hours on tech chat, I finally got windows installed again, which means I lost ALL my files on my C drive, including several PSD's I was working on. Re-downloaded Photoshop today, but the layers...
  8. agentmoeller

    Illustrator help with pen tool

    Hoping someone knows the answer to this. I am drawing an object in Ai (#1), I continue to draw the shape (#2), then I click on the anchor point, so I can bring the line back to create a crescent shape (#3). when I click to create a new anchor point, my outline (blue shape lines and anchor...
  9. Y

    Photoshop Problem With Wacom Tablet

    I was drawing fine for a couple of minutes with my pen, and it suddenly randomly stopped being able to draw. When I click with my pen, it makes a dot, and then I can't click anything else with my pen. If I move my mouse, it starts drawing starting from the dot without me left clicking, and I...
  10. P

    Help making a dark exposure look normal

    Hi, this is my first time posting. I took this shot in Death Valley National park and cant get it to look right when I brighten it using the simple and common single click button methods... can anyone make this photo look normal? Thanks! by California Reptile & Amphibian Appreciation.
  11. gedstar

    Photoshop CC2015 easter egg

    Just came across this on another site you can turn the Edit Toolbar icon into a banana, shift right click and shift click the fly out menu, you don't have to make any changes and shift click Done. You have to wonder who finds these things
  12. J

    Pen Tool: Make Selection via Right Click not working

    I am not really a "newbie" but not a veteran either. I assume this problem is something VERY simple that I am overlooking. Never ran into this one before. Been working on a document for a few days, no issues but now suddenly when drawing paths with Pen tool, when I right click, make...
  13. C

    Picasa not showing "open with photoshop"

    New guy here. Just bought a new HP Envy 750-111 with Windows 10. I normally use Picasa to search for jpgs and psd to open in photoshop. I no longer have Photoshop in the Open With menu when I right click onto a file. Jpgs open in Picasa Photo Editor but psd files go directly to Photoshop. I am...
  14. Paul

    Dodge and Burn tool Issues/Problems

    Just noticed when using the tools if i click to start the painting action using say the dodge tool and i am making a sweeping arc motion and release the click at the end of arc i only get a point to point response, the arc does not compute. Anyone know how to correct this please?
  15. I

    bounding box not appearing?

    Hi Guys, I'm following this Tutorial. I've drawn in an eclipse as a Path. Then i need to go to my path selection tool (the little black arrow), click on it, and then this bounding box should appear where i can adjust the size and so on.... But..... the bounding box doesn't pop up. Why is my...
  16. chrisdesign

    Golden Memories

    I tried to do something new for a change. I had this idea about a girl with a huge headdress. Here is what I created after many hours of work. Critique is always welcome. I found most of my images with Google. The image of the woman is from...
  17. I

    how to right click on photoshop with keyboard?

    hello, I have a new inuos pro touch , and I recently purachased a new pc (Windows 8). I want to change brush size as I did with a mac keyboard, but in windows it's alt+right-click and it's not very comfortable for me. Can anyone tell me how to change it? or tell me how to right click with a...
  18. E

    Zoom Problem!

    Im using latest version of photoshop cc and i just noticed the way it zooms is changed. I used to click and hold left click and drag mouse and it was zooming as long as as i drag it. Now i click and hold left click and drag mouse it zooms to the area i selected. Sorry if i couldnt describe...
  19. L

    Won A Design Contest Need Help Getting My Design Ready For Printing

    I won a shirt design contest and they suggested I send in a vector image but I don't have a copy of Illustrator and I designed it in Photoshop. So they said bitmap images were fine but they have to be 300 DPI and be at least the same size it's going to be on the shirt. My problem is...
  20. A

    Uncached refresh for all open windows

    Is there a way to record the "uncached refresh" action? When I double click the histogram, click the warning triangle, the refresh button, or select "uncached refresh" from the histogram menu, my actions don't seem to be able to record this. I'm hoping to be able to perform Uncached Refresh on...