1. M

    Anyway to reduce flashglare from shiny skin?

    I've got this macroshot of a grasshopper, not that it is any speciel, but I would like to learn if there are some ways to reduce that glare in the skin from the flashes? I know, it should be done by softening the light in the first place, but that's a little too late now. I know I can just clone...
  2. J

    Supercharge the clone stamp tool

    How to supercharge the clone stamp tool in Photoshop? I have found a tutorial on a website, but unfortunately I couldn't quite follow the video, as it's too fast and I am hard of hearing, and a slow learner at my age. Can you kindly send me step-by-step directions please? Not a video, if...
  3. P

    Remove harsh lighting from picture

    Hello, I realized I took this picture wrong and decided to retake it with a light tent but have a feeling I still may have a problem with glare as I have in other photos. I have two 100 watt photography lights. Is there a way to remove the glare from photos easier than the clone stamp tool and...
  4. M

    Jagged Edges

    Hi Guys, this is my first post here and I am hoping someone can help me. I have a problem when I am using the polygonal lasso and clone stamp tool when I am editing pictures for my website. After using the lasso and clone stamp tool I am getting very jagged edges. I have tried all different...
  5. H

    Clone stamp circle and what is included in circle

    When I use my clone stamp for whatever size I chose, the portion of the image it clones does not include everything in the circle. I am using CC 2015.5.1. All assistance in resolving this problem will be appreciated. Harris
  6. J

    Seamlessly blend two night images (was: ...change the color)

    Hello, Im looking for your help. Last week I shoot some shots in which I tried to merge in a panoramic, the problem is that at the moment to used Photomerge the colors are very uneven, I tried to used the clone stamp tool. My question is how can I change the color in order to look real. Thanks .
  7. M

    Photoshop CS6: blinking/flashing black screen on new iMac with clone brush.

    Using Photoshop CS6 on my new retina iMac OSX (El Capitan) I am getting a flashing and blinking black screen when using clone brushes. I have read that I am not the only one who has this but there does not seem to be an answer. Is it a bug? Can anyone help?
  8. J

    The Clone Stamp Tool

    Can anyone, please, let me know in a straightforward and simple way how to rotate the clone stamp tool in Photoshop CS6? I need listed steps not a video as in my old age I find it hard to follow videos. Many thanks. Joe
  9. J

    Help with multi-color text / logo (was: Hello Photoshop Gurus)

    Hello everyone, I am Jeremy :) I had been using Photoshop CS6 for a long time and recently I just switched to Photoshop CC 2015. I am here for Photoshop tutorials and I hope I can get helps from other Photoshop experts in these forums. Nice to meet you all! (Btw, I am trying to make a iOS 7/8...
  10. N

    [Help] Photo Edit

    Hi PhotoshopGurus, I have just started learning photoshop and i need help. Can anyone please help me remove the text "SEO" on the image attached? I'm trying to use the clone tool to do it but the result looks a little bit smudged. Please help! Tons of thanks guys!
  11. C

    Get back the clone stamp circle

    Once I have set a source for my clone stamp in window A, stamped it in window B, how do I go back to window A to get a different spot without showing the current source image? I just want the circle that shows me exactly what I am picking up, so I think I want to reset the source to...
  12. Z

    3D Phase 1 Clone Trooper (WIP)

    I decided to set myself the challenge of following a concept, getting ready for what uni and a potential career would be like should I do 3d Modelling. The Phase 1 clone trooper for those who are unaware, is the clone variation you see in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones They look...
  13. P


    Good morning! I am a new member and have only been using Photoshop for a short time. One thing I came across recently is that I needed to use the select tool to crop and move a section of an image. I then tried to use the clone stamp tool to soften some of the edges around the cropping, but when...
  14. H

    question on cloning

    I'm pretty new at photoshop. I have some really pretty actions I am using for my sisters engagement photos. My question is, I am trying to clone out strands of my sisters hair on a background layer, but when I use an action, I cannot view both of these together, the cloned out hair and the...
  15. M

    cant use the clone stamp on a remote image

    I used to be able to clone stamp from a different image than the one I was working on. while using clone stamp I could hover over another image on the desktop, press the alt key and click, and then continue to clone the main image. I double check that the layer in question is selected etc...
  16. T

    Advanced Photoshop Cloning technique -- cloning through a tonal gradient

    I recently had a tricky cloning situation and came up with what I thought was an innovative solution. I think most power Photoshop users will find this useful at some future time. Check out my blog post at 25 May 2011, or go directly there with...
  17. C

    Repeat portion of image over and over

    What's the easiest way to repeat a selected portion of an image over and over many times (say 100 times or more)? As an example, let's say I want to make a string of hanging lights. I can't find a quick way of selecting a single bulb and "stamping" it over and over. I can make a brush from the...
  18. S

    clone tool not showing results until mouse button released

    Hi. Question about the CS5 clone tool. It was working fine and dandy up until 30 minutes ago. Around that time, I must have accidentally pressed some arcane key sequence that changed the tool's behavior. Now, when I try to draw on a photo with the clone tool, nothing happens until I release...