1. F

    Combining two pictures

    Hi and thank you for looking at my thread! There are two pictures that I would like combined. and (or ) Basically, I'd like the final result to be similar to the first picture. However, the lion needs to be replaced with the pony and "KIA" needs to be changed to "REKRZ". The colours need to...
  2. N

    Lost detail in over saturated colours lit by neon LEDs

    I'm not sure if this is a problem with the camera sensor or my screen not being able to register such strong colours but when something is lit by such extreme coloured light I seem to lose detail in it even when it is not over exposed. They also seem to get some weird colour artifacts going...
  3. R

    Fix background

    Hi, I have 30 photos that have a dirty background of mixed colours behind a group of people. I need to make sure that each segment of the wall is the same colour. The plyboards that were covering windows need to be the same as it's surrounding. Same for the white areas. The colours need to be...
  4. S

    Block merging help.

    Hello. I am trying to create a header effect like in the image attached but using the colour pallete of the lower image. I want it to be 'big blocky' but with colours 'off pallete' that merge. Does that make sense? If you look at the merge from yellow to orange and then orange to pink in the...
  5. M

    Shoe Colour

    Hiya, quite new to this so not sure how it works. Was wondering if it's possible to have my shoes experimented in different colours. I'm on the left in the white heels. Thanks in advance, Mads x
  6. M

    Changing the colours of lines

    Hey guys I wander if you could advice me. I'm creating illustrations using colour pencils, then I scan and play with colour reversing. However I am not completely happy with the fact that black contours after reversing colours, change into white, it's too agressive. I would like to be able to...
  7. T

    Need to create 215 Colour Variations of a product!

    Hello to the community! I am Theo and i am working on a new website. We are going to be selling bikes, and its going to be customizable bikes. So, one of the customizations is for the customer to be able to select among some preselected colours or among RAL Colour pallete. Since its impossible...
  8. D

    I need a house photoshopped please

    We have this house, its not been lived in for years and now needs redone paint wise and i just want images how it would look in different colours. The house is in South Africa and we want it to be in keeping with the Cape Dutch style I have attached 3 photos. Please give it a nice coat of white...
  9. L

    Can someone make the colours more intense

    Hello dear photoshoppers, This is a radish for a project for a powerpoint presentation. The photo is not very clear though. Can you please make the colours more intense. What I mean is somehow more coontrast and I need the sprout to be greener, so it can be spotted without problems. But is...
  10. D

    Harmonize Colour Palette

    Hello! I love this place – can you please help me up! I have the following colour palette. The last two colours are the primary colours which will be the driving colours of the website and PDF reports. I wonder how do I harmonize all colours so that they look all in sync with one another? I need...
  11. W

    rearrange and ameliorate

    Hello everyone I need to rearrange an image, but i dont really know how to do so. I got a logo which is in 1 layer, but the different shapes need to be rearranged but remain in the same colours etc... I created a fast remake, but for me it's impossible to make exactly the same colours...
  12. S

    Need help colour correcting - can't work out why it's not working!

    Hey, I'm fairly ok with Photoshop but have never been taught how to use it (learnt off youtube mostly) so there are big gaps in what I know. So this may be a really obvious / easy fix (hope so!). I have made this image which I now need to replicate in lots of different colours. I have...
  13. D

    Turning photos into T-Shirt type graphics?

    Hi, I want to create some T-Shirt designs & I notice many designers use stock to create their designs but edit the photograph image somehow into only 1-4 colours so they are converted to T-Shirt type graphics. Can you please point me to a tutorial how to do something similar or show me how -...
  14. Paul

    How do i recreate this look?

    Doing a retro styled comic book cover with all my own new characters, just need some tips/help on how to get that look:cheesygrin: colours back ground effects and fonts please, no links out to other sites been looking and not happy with outcome, anyone?
  15. S

    Blending colours - running out of ideas!

    Hello, I'm having trouble finding the best way to blend colours together in a photo. They aren't the normal 'block' like colours (they are water), and all the blending tutorials I've seen so far only really cover simple blends. I've been using the clone tool to try and blend one into another...
  16. R

    Product Photoshopping - Flat & inconsistent colours

    Hi everyone This is my first post - and I'm feeling brave as I need help and feedback (deep breath) Okay, attached is a test photo that I mocked up for a product shot for a project I'm working on with my wife I've got two problems that I'm looking for advice on Firstly - This set up is lit...
  17. N

    Switch 2 colours of an image

    Good evening, I am trying to switch 2 colours of the image below: The green colour should be black (#000000). The yellow colour should be green (#21b04a). I tried to do this myself, but I got this pretty ugly result: Btw, only the stripes should change and not the Sun etc. The result is...
  18. A

    How To Reset Camera Calibration?

    Hi, I was just testing on another photo to see what will happen if I were to increase the blue primary hue (see bottom right) on the camera calibration but then cancelled. Now everytime I open up a photo these reds colours appear. I pressed alt and reset but it does not disappear. I even opened...
  19. A

    Best way to recreate this image at a higher resolution in PS?

    This is a blown-up screen grab from a standard-definition video source. I want to recreate it from scratch in PS to give me a proper high-resolution version. On the face of it, it seems like it shouldn't be too difficult. I'm thinking it's only four solid colours plus the grid (102 x 76...
  20. E

    how can i make these effects on my photos?

    thank you, i think i will find it. :)