1. C

    Specific Cut out the Background

    Could someone cut out this person and make him to a png? With shoulders please
  2. C

    Specific Remove white surface

    Can someone remove the white surface and make me an png out of this. So i need this picture without the white surface so i can add it into word without problems with my text. I just need the picture of the man, so his signing can be removed aswell. Thank you!
  3. C

    Picture cutting out strategy

    Hello, I found a lot of recipes regarding cutting out pictures, but I can't find basic principle of doing that. What kind of tools might be used? What are stages and strategies of doing that? Additionally I would like to ask how to cut out picture that is placed on white background on the...
  4. Pipsmom


    I think I have watched every "cutting out a tree" or "complex cutting out images"video YouTube has to offer and every restoration article I can find but still having difficulty with......... :banghead:. Tree's. The problem arises as I am getting my practice work via messenger or FB, so the...
  5. S

    Issue with soft borders when cutting and pasting. CS5, OS10.6.8

    When I cut a detail from an image already in Photoshop & proceed to paste the detail into a new blank document, I get this mysterious soft border, as this around the detail image of my dog. I'm using it for work though, not pet photos, and I don't remember this effect being default. I don't know...
  6. I

    would it be possible to remove the two girls from this picture?

    And possibly reconstruct the part of my face that's covered? Also is there any way to make the picture square without cutting any of me/my body out? For Instagram purposes Thank you!!
  7. K

    Automotive Background Help

    Hi! Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm an automotive photographer, and was recently asked at one of my dealerships to edit the backgrounds of the cars to look like they are in a studio on a cycle wall. I understand I can do this by cutting out the image via the magnetic lasso tool and stick it...
  8. E

    Removal of half-tone pattern from scan of newspaper

    have any of you experts got any idea how to correct this, its a scan of an old newspaper cutting, but has a spotty effect, until you zoom in and it the spots there a filter or effect i can use to correct it...unfortunately i didnt scan it, .:question:
  9. J

    how can i cut out this anime logo?

    how can i cut out this logo. i try to make background transparent but somehow i fail it anyone can assist me how can i go about cutting it ?
  10. H

    Font Viewer

    Has anyone found a good font viewer as a plugin for Mac ? The stock font viewer isn't really cutting it for me. Thanks.
  11. A

    Photoshop Leaves Transparent Outlines When Cutting and pasting

    It can be seen here, I really don't know what to do...
  12. A

    cutting out people with hair out of backgrounds

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good technique or tutorial where you can cut people especially ladies with blowing hair out of complex backgrounds cleanly? Thanks
  13. A

    Cutting out a complicated design

    Hello, a friend of mine wanted me to design a tattoo for him. He wants to combine the insignia from a US passport with the insignia of a Pakistan passport. I thought I could just scan them in and cut out the background so I was just left with the lines, but I'm not sure how to go about doing...
  14. S

    Need help cutting out a picture!

    Hey so I'm helping my friend photoshop a wallpaper for his computer and he wants Yui and Mio from K-ON! in bikinis with some other random stuff. But the main problem I'm having is getting Yui from this picture. I have been magnetic lasso-ing it for the past 2 hours but I can't get get it...
  15. R

    cutting out a image

    I'm haveing trouble cutting out a image so i can add to a background.i've tryed the magic lasso tool.with no luck also i've trye the wand with no luck.should be a simple thing to do but just can't catch a slow learner
  16. W

    Need some help cutting out a few holes

    Hey there, i have NO experience in drawing or these programs in general. I am trying to add 6 more holes to someone else's work in the hopes that I can get this sent off to a laser cutter.... reason is irrelevant. Anywho I need help on what I need to do to add these three holes and...
  17. P

    Help cutting out an image...

    I have a hard time cutting out an image, from it's background. Any tips on how to do it? Here are the two images...I'm trying to cut out the person, obviously. In the first one, I'm trying to include the whole microphone and stand as well. All help is appreciated!
  18. G

    Cutting square from larger image

    Hi, I need to cut a precise square of 350x450 from an image that is much larger. How can I easily cut out a specified area from an image to create another image? Thanks, Dave