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    I'm trying to make the edges of this photo transparent

    Hey guys, I have PS elements I'm trying to make the edges of this sun picture transparent. It has a nice yellow gradient but the problem is it cuts off at the edges so I looks unnatural when I add it to another picture. How can I soften the edges so that the sun ray doesn't appear as cut off...
  2. G

    Sharpening edges on Patterned Background

    Hi guys. I'm new here. I have been researching for this for a quite a bit but haven't found what im looking for. So, here's my question: The original image is 5000 w x 3750 h pixels (or 20inches wide x 15inches tall) at 72dpi. Id like to enlarge the image to 96inches x 96inches and print it on...
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    How to make these edges effect ? See the attached images please.

    How to make these edges effect ? See the attached images please. Is it brushes ??
  4. F

    Fixing glare on edges

    Hello everyone Sometimes when i take pictures of reflective products i get this white glare on the edges. The problem is not big when i intend to use it on white background but when using in colored backgrounds this white glare makes the product looks out of place I tried some ways to fix...
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    Photoshop request

    Tried my hand at 'photoshopping' this family photo. I need a bit of help tidying it up. Would someone be kind enough to neaten up the edges for me and sort out the colour? Thanks very much in advance...
  6. K

    Selecting help

    Hello, guys, I have a question. So i select an object with a magic wand tool then I simply delete it using content-aware option, but as you can see, the edges of the object still exists after I delete it. What do I do wrong here? Maybe I select the object not full enough? I look forward to hear...
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    Selecting a Signature from Photo

    Hello! Yes questions seems to be my favourite thing here doesn't it? Haha I have been asked to selected a signature out of a paper image, simple stuff I realised. Now my only concern is that when I look at the image at 100%, the edges are very jagged, especially when I try to apply colour...
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    Illustrator Help converting seamless texture to vector

    I have a seamless texture that was created in photoshop and I need it converted to vector. Tried live trace and the edges do not stay exactly square. The trace looks fine but since the edges are not perfect its not seamless. Is there a way to live trace and retain the exact square outline? Any...
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    Why do my fonts look choppy/boxy??/grainy?

    I've been making signatures in my past time and every time I add a font to it, I find it being very choppy, like pixel around the edges. I don't know why. The sigs are relatively small 300x100. Here's an example, check out the "A" it's so obvious.
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    How to make sharp edges shape in photoshop

    Here are few examples i am struggling with. 1. I want to acheive this effect. Its like a text on a rectangle solid shape without any fill on a text, but the way i tried i get this stupid pixalation can some one please help me how to get rid of these or a new method to acheive this effect...
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    Vectorizing Photo

    Hello there. I'm doing a vector with Pen Tool in PS to my girl, I'm still adding shadows and highlights to the skin, and needs to start the hair. Since the photo is in low resolution, I'm having much trouble with finding the right edges, and doing everything OK. Any tips how to finish it...
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    Mothers days gift: fading text in Silhouette on the outer edges only. please help

    I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. Thank you for reading and helping. I've never used photoshop until a few days ago and I'm a little lost and need some advice. I am trying to making a Mother's day gift for my wife. We have 1 son that rules our lives now and I couldn't imagine...
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    New logo help?

    Hi All,Can anyone please help me finish this logo. I am supposed to be helping a friend, but I am new to this. The logo is supposed to be property related. The main part of the logo that she likes is the "shaking hands",I tried to relate it to property with the house, maybe you can change it...
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    How to get sharp edges on your photos?

    Hi guys ! :-) I'm new to this forum, so shout-out to all you beautiful people in here ! :mrgreen: I have the same problem every time I make a picture and insert it into my website. THE EDGES ARE ALL MESSED UP... ARGH!! Anyway, I hope you can guide me to what I'm doing wrong. The picture...
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    Help with getting a graphic to conform to an odd shape

    Hello all, I am newb at photoshop and that will become quite clear...lol. I just downloaded a trial version of cc14 today. With some help of youtube tutorials I was able to get alot done of what I am trying to do. Basically what I am trying to do is put an image onto a guitar template so I...
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    Help! (Light / Background / Edges)

    Hi everyone! I'm new to photoshop and I need your help with a few things I'm stuck on at the moment. 1. I don't understand how to enlighten the picture. The originals are quite dark and I want to make them brighter. 2. This is one of the original pictures. As you can see, the...
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    Trying to make photo borders that look like the cut ones used years agao

    I have been trying to do some photos for a friend that match the look of the old photos we used to have with the cut edges. have mastered making the photos old but making the surround look old with the smooth crinkle cuts is driving me to despair.
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    Custom Outer Edges

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum and have been working with Photoshop for a couple of years now. I was wondering how I can make custom edges or add images to edges such at Spotify's website (image attached) Thanks in advance!
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    Graphic for printing on the back of a t-shirt

    Hello, I am not sure if this is even a necessary worry of mine nut I will pitch it out anyway. I will be printing the attached file on the back of a white t-shirt and I wondered if there was any technique that could be used to reduce the harshness or abruptness of the image that may be seen...
  20. G

    Somebody please help!

    Hi, I have an image of a new logo I have created but the edges are tacky and blurred. So when I want to print this logo on a big poster the logo will look terrible. Can anyone please smooth the edges and make it neat and tidy are remake the logo? Thank You