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  1. B

    How to clean a layers edges

    I have some gloves that look good when the background is white but when there is a dark background, I can see the edges are not clean and you can still see white. What would be the best way to approach this issue? Any assistance on what tools or techniques used to eliminate the white edges...
  2. S

    the easiest way to make non fuzzy edges

    Hey, Edges on my vector and text (300 DPI) are fuzzy and this cause the white outline when print (direct-to-garment). I see the issue when I zoom in, see the slight rough edges (shades) The easiest fastest way to fix it? PS I thought vectors don't have edges.... but I've checked a lot free and...
  3. K

    Smooth jagged edges and points from a scanned drawing in Photoshop

    I created this title on paper for a project and did a bad job outlining it in pen. I then scanned it from my printer on to my desktop, put it in Photoshop, and filled it in with black. For the last couple of hours I've been trying to smooth out the edges by watching tutorials and experimenting...
  4. G

    Can some one help me with this effect?

    First time to this forum. Hope I am using it correctly. I am trying to create the effect illustrated in the picture below. Although I want to slightly roll all 4 corners, with the emphasis on the left and right edges of the picture. The goal is to give the picture a slight cupped looked as...
  5. starbird

    dropping out backgrounds

    Is there an app that correctly drops out backgrounds of either a specific color or in their entirety? I would love that even more than softening the edges of an image. There is no PS tool that will CORRECTLY drop out what I need. I tried the background eraser but got a message that it could not...
  6. S

    any tips on how to make the waves on my logo look less grainy?

    i created this bouy logo in cs6 for my friend's youtube channel. It looked like a bouy, but it needed waves to complete the look. I tried to create waves from scratch, but i couldn't get them to look right. So instead, as a test, i cut the waves from a photo that i had laying around on my...
  7. S

    Need some help with a missing part

    I photographed this male Pallid Harrier in the middle of the spring in Northern Greece. I just missed the one wing primary edges, but somehow i would like to add the missed edges (and also add some space around it). Here is a jpg saved form a Raw file without any editing in PS in the best...
  8. S

    How to draw a high resolution shape with smooth edge ??

    hello all. whenever im trying to draw a shape like a circle or a rectangle, when i zoom it the edges look bad and not smooth can someone show me please many thanks
  9. C

    Fixing rough edges when using green background(trying to put on white background)

    Currently I am doing some photo work on a green background. Sometimes it works great, other times it leaves a very rough edge around my products. What can I do to fix these rough edges? Or to get rid of the green easier than how I am currently doing it. I have attached a screen recorded video of...
  10. S

    Layers with Alpha, and how to fill

    Need help with this please... So I am trying to make a skin (for Second Life avatars) and I want to fill in the edges of a layer that are alpha'd. I remember doing this about 10 years ago (have completely forgotten how to though). I know I can just make a background layer and fill it with a...
  11. S

    Smoothing pixelated stuffff

    Hello! Please see attached photo. Is there a way to smooth those edges out around the lettering?
  12. B

    Even out light & dark colours with Photoshop/Lightroom

    Hi all, I've recently started using Photoshop and Lightroom for editing my food photography but still have issues with colour correction. I often have to edit pictures where objects (like the cookies below) have fairly light and quite dark colours, but I want the overall colour to be even. For...
  13. M

    Smoothen some edges on Christmas cake

    Can someone make the white chocolate drip look a bit more smooth around the edges? Like it actually drips nicely of the cake. At the moment you can see some different layers chocolate. Thanks!
  14. P

    Illustrator How to remove / erase edges outside of a selected area?

    I have downloaded an eps file from a free vector image site. I was trying to cut an image area of a visiting card but It also come with edges like the image showing ( attached) How to remove edges of that image outside of the selected box area? I...
  15. R

    logo edit

    Hi Guys Can anyone please help me with this logo. Just need to adjust edges of the two letter need to be smoother than now. The logo is r S. but the edges of each letter are looked like pixelated need to get that fixed. Rahul
  16. J

    Jagged edges

    I have a problem when using the newly created brush ("my sand brush"). When creating everything is ok. When use I see jagged edges. How to fix it? Regards .
  17. thePixelPixie

    Blend edges of Smart Object into background?

    Hi there, I have a smart object and would like to make the edges blend or feather into the background somehow. How would I achieve that? Thanks in advance. ~Laura
  18. D

    Removing "wrinkles" in background from studio portrait shots

    Hi guys, I recently went for a wedding photoshoot in the studio. I managed to get the soft copies from the shoot, and am editing them myself (those that I didn't pay to have made into an album). A sample is: The problem is that I see that the background sheet (black and green) looked creased...
  19. D

    WHY does Rectangular Marquee tool have soft edges?

    hi PSG Can anybody help me know what i need to press to return the tool to straight edges.
  20. L

    Layer jittery edges

    Hello! I have a little "problem" in Photoshop. I have copied a text from a picture and made it white. The original photo was a very low resolution and i used the quick selection tool (I don't know the name in English) to copy the text, and after that I got rid of the background and saved it as a...