1. E

    Rays of Light/Glow Radiating Out from Edges of an Object?

    I've been scouring the Internet for what I hoped would be a fairly straight-forward effect, but so far I've come up empty handed. I'd very much appreciate any help you can provide, and thanks in advance for your time! Basically, I have a set of symbols as vector paths, and I would like to give...
  2. R

    How to remove white lines around edges in a not so good photo?

    I´m struggling with a photo that I took years ago with a compact digital camera. I did give it a makeover in Photoshop, but now that I want to print it out in a bigger size, it´s ruined by white lines around the edges. I started to remove these by using the clone stamp tool, the healing brush...
  3. P

    Autoshape Drawings Pixelated Edges

    Hey guys, Trying to design a layout for a Print Brochure. The problem is the autoshape i'm using is too pixealted on the curvatures. I'm hoping someone can help me fix this. I've googled and all I see is to gaussian blur it which makes it look terrible. Also if anyone could give me tips for...
  4. R

    smooth edges

    Im trying to make some silhouette of objects. I use the majic wand tool to get the shape and fill it in with a colour... The end result is very jaggy... any ideas how i can make the edges smooth?
  5. Dana Alley

    How do I Refine the Edges of a Stroke/Outline?

    I am working on some tag's with the Pen tool. Notice how the edges are fizzy and a bit rough. What is the best tool/technique to clean this up? My goal is to make custom shapes or brushes with these 'Tag' designs. Thanks! Dana
  6. Q

    Antialias edges suggestions?

    Dear Gurus, aliased edges is very common problem with graphics and Photoshop is #1 graphic editor. How do you approach the problem? I am aware of the following strategies: For pure black and white artwork - blur + contrast (Levels, Curves, etc) For full color - up-sample +...
  7. J

    Image with white around edges.

    I have an image that has a tiny bit of white around the edges of people's hair so it is very difficult to get rid of without erasing the hair. I've tried the erase, magic wand and laso tool but it doesn't get rid of all the white. Any ideas? Thanks, John
  8. M

    Smooth out edges of a text logo

    Hello - I am helping out a girl with a logo, and I found a text font she likes, but it needs to be smoothed around the edges. I have tried using gaussian blur and then adjusting the levels as I have seen in some tutorials, but the image comes out way to blurry. I have included the .psd...
  9. P

    Jagged edges, what's happening here?

    If I save this picture in Photoshop I get these jagged edges. I have seen this before on other images I got from the web. Can anybody tell me what is happening here? Attached files are: the original image, the image cropped in Picasa (looks fine), and the image cropped in Photoshop with the...
  10. U

    Connect The Edges of Letters Together

    How do you connect the edges of letters together as the logo at the top of this website is? They somehow connected the 'c' and the 'p'. I have searched all over the internet for fonts or a tutorial that explains this. NOTHING!!!!!
  11. Joy

    unclear edges

    I took a photo of a dancer and I'm trying to crop out all the other people to make it look like she is alone on stage. The tricky bit for me is getting rid of the guy right behind her. note this is a way smaller version of the photo I'm working with. so I'm more interested in the how than...
  12. K

    Remove blur on the edges

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to make a communion card for my sister. The corners of the pictures should be flattened. I followed a video to do this. I can't post a video so I will explain it short. I marked with the select tool the photo and inverted this. When I delete the inverted part the...
  13. W

    Smooth Edges

    Ok so I am sitting here at the Ski Shop trying to smooth out the pixleated edges on a text logo so it looks, and prints clean and crisp, problem is I am having mucho trouble :banghead: any help would be appreciated, all tutorials I have found have been for just single shape images not text...
  14. A

    photoshop shadows

    Drop shadows really aren't new to me, but all of a sudden, every shadow i create seems to have a "hard edge" even if i just use the paint brush tool and have it set to a 0 hardness it still appears to have an edge. RGB isn't as bad as CMYK, but since i'm a print designer CMYK is what i need. The...