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  1. A

    Specific Removal of side table

    Hey guys, I want to request the removal of the side table with mirror on top and the candles on it. If this could be executed it would be awesome and muchly appreciated! Thank you 😀
  2. S

    Glitch effect help

    Hello! I am quite new to photoshop and have been experimenting with many glitching techniques over the past few weeks for my art gcse... I recently came upon a photograph and cannot figure out how to edit a photograph like this... could someone pls give me some tips for those multi coloured...
  3. B

    Specific Can you make this picture more special?

    Just add anything to the background to make it look beautiful and amazing. And you can edit anything to me.
  4. J

    Specific Photoshop edit : teamlab

    Can anyone please edit these photos like it were taken horizontally? thanks! :)
  5. B

    Creative need miracle ps guru's help

    hi i need my picture to be edited like the sample in either black or white background. i don't have any particular idea what it should look like, just work some miracle and make it look completely mind blowing and beautiful. or just like the sample would be appreciated. thanks in advance best...
  6. V

    Specific Please fix this photo (the memory of someone's parents)

    Hi all, My Director Sir is an old man in his sixties. I visited his home and found the picture of his parents. He told me that it was their only picture which he has now. He also expressed a wish that it would have been great if the picture was good in colors and sharp enough, so that he could...
  7. S

    Specific Put my face on Thanos pretty please?

    Hello, I would appreciate it if anyone could put my face onto Thanos from Infinity War, as though I was actually Thanos. So for further explanation, my hair would be gone, it would be just my face where his would be and my skin tone would match his (purple or whatever it is), and I would have...
  8. J

    Specific Photoshop background request

    Good day! I would like to request for this photo to be edited. It's one of my graduation photos. It's already taken in green screen. Hope to have a cool background! And enhance whatever you want. Thanks a lot!
  9. V

    How to do an edit like this

    Hello, I want to recreate the attached image so I'm asking if anyone knows the process or where I could find a tutorial of it. Thanks
  10. F

    Specific Need help editing this gif

    i do not own photoshop and have no idea how to edit gif files. i tried various online gif editing sites but failed to do what i was looking for. The gif that need to be edited- i want this gif animation to look continuous, you know like it stops for a fraction of a second when its about to...
  11. D

    Specific Historian in Need of Help

    Hello, I have an old map of Lima (the capital of Peru) which am I going to use to mark certain locations. However, the quality of the map is pretty bad. If you zoom in on certain parts of the map, it gets worse. I was wondering if someone could make it black and white, delete the lines...
  12. J

    Creative Blog Logo Revamp Request

    Hi Photoshop Gurus! Good day! I just want my 3 blog logos to be revamped because I'm the one who created it and I think its so simple hehe. Here's my logos: Logo (Square) Logo (with Text) Logo (with description) Any kind of edits or new creations is highly...
  13. T

    Just testing something

    Just to see if I can edit a post
  14. E

    Can someone edit out the person on the left and replace him with a mattress please?

    As per the title. Thank you.
  15. J

    can someone edit double chin?

    can someone please try and get rid of the chin on the phone gir l
  16. T

    How to create this filter effect?

    I've been trying to edit my photos to get this kind of filter effect where the greens are a very saturated yellow and the skin colour looks a really nice rosy shade. It's difficult to explain, see these photos: For example I'm trying to...
  17. H

    art picture eyes color change

    Hello guys,is it possible to change the eyes on the picture to blue and the brown background down if can be made the same as the one above,so there be no circled line or edit it in a way you feel it will be the best.Thank you and cheers.
  18. K

    Photo edit help

    Can someone please help me look like we're dripping water like we just got out of the pool? Thanks in advance Images were too large
  19. D

    Photo edit request! Background removal

    Hi there, I was hoping someone way more skilled than I could could edit this photo to remove the background and leave only the horse, Rider, bow and if possible the trail of water splashes. I want to turn it into a solid black silhouette for a logo. Thank you for any help, I appreciate it very...
  20. M

    How to make a photo look like this?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how to edit a photo to make it look like this. What effects she used in her photo and how to achieve them?