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Specific Please fix this photo (the memory of someone's parents)

Hi all,
My Director Sir is an old man in his sixties. I visited his home and found the picture of his parents. He told me that it was their only picture which he has now.
He also expressed a wish that it would have been great if the picture was good in colors and sharp enough, so that he could show it to his child and his grandchildren.

I have no clue how does Photoshop work but I came to know about this forum.
I wish that he gets the best possible version of this picture in terms of colors, sharpness, clarity and all other things which the Photoshoppers focus on.

Could anyone please help on this? Please, help on this.

Sorry if you feel that I am adding emotions in this post, but this picture really matters to him a lot.

The attached picture is the best version that my phone could click. Also, the picture cannot be taken of the glass frame to scan it because over the years the picture is stick to the glass material and removing it means damaging the printing totally.

Thanks a lot.



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Unfortunately there's no way to 'save' this photo in a decent way.
It is way too blurry.
Even with PS miracles aren't possible and sometimes one has to pass and admit it.
I tried to use brush and color picker to repaint the photo with my drawing table. Don't worry, I did this for my own good - practice. I hope it was what you were looking for. Keep in mind i had to assume details Memory.jpg