1. J

    How it's done?

    Hi everyone, I've tried on many ways to get picture on the right side from the left one but couldn't. Can someone explain me how it was made?
  2. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography Golden A Filigree

    With this one I pushed PS 3D to his limits. I'll explain but this is the result I spent the most part of my day with a 3D project with 31 layers = 3D objects. Not even half way PS started to stutter and lagging and most important, it kicked me out 6 times. The only conclusion is that if you...
  3. O

    Can someone explain me how to this overlay ?

    I need help
  4. M

    Remove text from photo request

    Hi, i wanted to ask if someone can explain me how to remove the text that says "about" in the image. Thanks in advance.
  5. S

    PS Gurus please explain with some live examples on the various blurs in Photoshop cc

    PS Gurus please explain with some live examples on the various blurs in Photoshop cc. There are plenty of features on this blurs filters and especially the blur gallery lot to learn out of it from experienced Gurus.Eagerly awaiting from the replies.
  6. D

    Please remove image background.

    Would anyone be so kind as to please attempt to remove the gray background texture from this gif image? All I want are clean black lines on a clean white background (although a transparent background would be even nicer). I've tried to do this myself but I've found it really quite difficult...
  7. Zain Khan

    Can Anyone explain which font is it?

    I am looking to understand which type of font is it, or is there any font matching to this that you can refer me to? Please help me, I really need Help :/
  8. K

    How do I do this text effect?

    Hi, I'm making a banner image and would like my text to look like this: Could someone explain how to do this? Thanks :)
  9. E

    Can someone give me a hand with this?

    It's pretty sad, but I can't do this properly. I just need to curve the words so it fix ok. Can someone do this or just explain me how to do it? Sorry for my bad english I'm not native, just a sad argentinian guy :p
  10. Y

    Need help making wedding monogram

    I want to make a wedding monogram to cut on my vinyl plotter for me and the wifes room. Only thing is I don't know how to curve the text. It's a surprise for our wedding Next week. Can anyone help? I need it to say Stephen And Amanda Lind with the date being August 1st 2015. Anyone help explain...
  11. K

    Can you please help me?

    I just wonder... how did they do the lyrics' text styling... i mean can you explain how?
  12. J

    Need some photoshop help please!

    Hi Photoshop gurus, I really need some help from you guys to make a present for a friend. A work colleague of mine is moving to Australia and I want to make her a calendar with pictures of all of the staff she works with. We've been a close knit staff team for years and we will all miss her...
  13. W

    Explain this PSD to me - expert help needed

    Hello, i need someone experienced to explain this psd to me. When you change information on the smart object "Card" the information is automatically applied to the other card layers and they all redirect to that psb but are separate layers with filters. I see that they are somehow linked but i...
  14. J

    Changing Pattern to solid

    I know this is possible but there is no tutorial on how to do it what I want to do is change the fabric on the chair or make it into a solid keeping the curves and shadow there was a post that showed an example but didnt explain ..The last picture is from the post I saw doesnt explain how to do...
  15. T

    How to make a Sharp Edge Burble ?

    Dear all, Thanks for helping me to explain everything about Photoshop in a very professional and friendly way, I really appreciate everyone here, especially Admin Members, therefore I hope you guys would help me to explain the way of making this "shout" burble or sharp edged circle such like in...
  16. D

    Need help recreating a certain patchiness - Difficult to explain in a title.

    Hi, This is my first time posting. I'm not quite a "Newbie" as I've been using Photoshop for years but I never properly learned, I just figured things out for myself mostly. I need some help with something but it's a little obscure. I'm making an album cover and I've decided that I'm going to...
  17. S

    Can anyone explain why this is happening?

    When I use a pen tool it automatically colours in the outside of the area I'm drawing. Probably something very obvious - but can't figure it out! Attached a screen grab below. Cheers.
  18. Z

    can someone please explain it to me?

    why the hell has this place gone so bleeding quiet? it used to be full of life once upon a time. and another thing, who wants me to get the frig away from my PC?
  19. A

    Can you help explain how to achieve this effect?

    Hi guys, Im a photographer and a slight newbie to photoshop. I know the basics etc but not to the level I'm about to explain... I want to start creating Fine Art with some of my pictures for example see the following pictures from CM photographer (all credits to him for these pictures his...
  20. Z

    Just to explain how this internet thing works

    Right hello people. :D because i am being schooled at home for a while instead of actually being in school, Mum has stopped me using the Internet from 8.00AM-4.00PM GMT any time before 8 the Internet is ON and anytime after 4 the Internet is turned back ON just that 8AM to 4PM segment in...