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  1. gedstar

    Something a bit weird :)

    This is what happens when you Photoshop and drink :bustagut: comments welcome Images used
  2. M

    Roof photoshop question

    I work for a roofing company that works on large commercial roofs. Sometimes we include a google maps areial photo of the roof in a proposal. I was wondering how easy It would be to make the roof look a realistic white color? This would allow the customer to get an idea of what the roof will...
  3. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography - Skate

    I never finished this one, but today I did...Blender of course...
  4. S

    Finished works

    Hi everyone, I was/am wondering what people do with their finished work? I mean I guess not everyone here uses PS for their jobs and just like to create/design stuff for fun, like myself . For example I have loads of photoshopped cars and those are just sitting on my harddrive. Besides the...
  5. R

    Real Estate photo Editing

    I have gotten so busy in my real estate photography business I can't keep up with the work. I am always working late Sunday night trying to finish the previous week. I either need to turn down assignments or out source some editing. I am looking for someone that can duplicate my workflow, even...
  6. hawkeye

    Created entirely in Photoshop

    I finished this late last year created entirely in Photoshop, based on a picture I took in Seattle.
  7. B

    The Punisher (Finished)

    I finally finished it and thanks to you guys I think it turned out pretty well. One of them is with text from DareDevil S2 and the other is without.
  8. ZeroCool22

    A terrifying night. [Photomanipulation]

    Base image: Finished Image: Want critiques.
  9. C

    Mountain Goat Logo Design + Construct

    Hey guy's.. Got inspired on some similar designs of this nature and thought I would have a go myself. Inspiration: Research: Finished Product: Construct: Thanks for looking.
  10. E

    Finished Product Files (Post-Editing)

    Hello folks! I hope my title is on the right track, I wasn't really sure what it's called. But here's my question: After you're finished with a cilent and that specific project. What files do you keep? I have the PSD obviously, but also various other TIFF files when I was showing the cilent...
  11. IamSam

    Daily Tutorial #1 Transparent T-Shirt

    I have always stated that I try to do at least one or more tutorials a day. I find that even if I'm mostly familiar with the technique described in the tutorial, I always seem to find one or more things that I did not know. Another self imposed challenge is to alter the tutorial and try to make...
  12. gedstar

    Head in the Clouds

    Haven't done a photo manipulation in a while so came up with this, not sure if it's finished yet but comments would be most appreciated Images used Final Image
  13. Jessicayla

    Digital Portrait / Painting

    Took an extended break from art during Thanksgiving week (because Fallout was too tempting), so this is my first finished piece in a while. Used a limited color palette and I liked how it turned out :)
  14. gedstar

    Need help with Photo Manip

    Thanks to Eggy and Chris, decided to get off my lazy arse and try and get back into Photo Manip Here's what I've done so far, needs more work but I would really like some suggestions as to what I could add and any improvements I could make. Will post images used when it's finished Thanks in...
  15. Paul

    Pencil sketches

    All of these are from Google images, i used the image to create an outline and some inner features just for reference. I then apply my mad pencil skills to achieve the likeness for a desired finished look. I also do these on canvas sheets stretched across frames using our over head film...
  16. Eggy

    Mountain Village

    I never did something like this so after gathering the next images (resized) to this: I feel this project is not finished yet. Please do comment and show me the right direction... :happy:
  17. Z

    free digitally crafted fabric textures

    I'll be updating this thread as and when I've got the free time to do other fabric variations, and take the time to make them seamless. currently I have three nylon/polyester textures available for download. they can be used in any project you see fit, I regularly use them for my character...
  18. R

    3D 3D render problem

    hi, im new to photoshop cc and whenever i render something i get a horizontal line when its finished. i followed this tutorial and i get a line like this . same with text. how can i fix this?
  19. D

    Just an average selfie

    Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I posted on here so I wanted to get back to posting more frequently. Here's a recent manipulation I just finished. I was going for a dispersion effect. CC always welcome!
  20. ZipedX

    Creating a jigsaw for christmas.

    Hi everyone. As the title stated I'm making a Jigsaw as a present for my fiancee and I'm posting this hoping for ideas. I'm aiming to create a montage containing her and our two children in some "fictional environment". For the montage I'm probably just gonna use their faces or heads the rest...