1. W

    which format is better? jpeg or png

    I want to know which format would be better for a logo? png or jpeg or ...? And why? Mod Edit Link removed, please post links to websites that are in English
  2. M

    Converting a file into EPS format (colours on different layers)

    Hey I'm planning on getting a banner printed off, I was going to send them a picture of the file I wanted to be printed, but apparently the image was not in the correct format. My file needs to be in an EPS format with each colour on a different layer. I'm not entirely sure why, and I've spent...
  3. T

    [Requests]Icons Design PSD

    Hello Photoshop gurus, Does anyone here can design for me icon thread forums like this: i need in PSD format so i can edited the color.
  4. A

    JPEG TrueColor 1.2

    Hello I have a few years of use Photoshop software, and I have a question, Adobe Photoshop jpeg format output files to JPEG TrueColor 1.2 storage format, but other formats JPEG TrueColor 1.1 photo editing software to store, what's the difference the format is JPEG TrueColor 1.2 and JPEG...
  5. B

    Problem with export and processing

    Hello i am quiet new to PS. Today i made simple collage from 3 photos. I clicked new and set size to A1 format with 300 DPI and 8 bit colors. Then i used 3 high resolution photos to make a collage in A1 format. Each photo i used was JPEG and had around 3 MB. When i was done with it i tried to...
  6. Paul

    After Effects CS5 Premiere Pro videos

    I have been playing with Premier Pro for a few day old videos and editing of (trying to) can i save in anything other than the one format offered and if so how please?
  7. P

    Need 6 logos converted to vector format for vehicle wrap

    Hello everyone, I am in a pinch and need to get a few logo's converted to vector for use in a vehicle wrap for our company truck. We are a small veteran owned business in Alaska and we will be bringing a few wounded vets out hunting this year. We are in the process of getting our truck...
  8. Zain Khan

    Need help Formatting a comic book

    I am grateful to the people last time I got what I needed help with :). This time I would like to ask if there is any tutorial available to format comic book pages in a pdf file format. A friend of mine has asked me to do it, I can even show files and reference what he needs exactly
  9. L

    Help pasting text, but keeping multiple font format

    I want to past text into a text box, but keep the format of the text that was originally there (different fonts for each line of text). An example of what I am trying to achieve: So The text is one text box with a different font for each line of text. I want to be able to paste another load...
  10. Z

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for printing?

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for print? I am not sure how to summarize my problem well into one sentence, I will simply describe my workflow and my goal I draw the comics in AI, compose everything into square boxes of different sizes. Copy the AI vectors into a PSD...
  11. D

    Aniimation/Video Format

    Hi, I made an animation/video in Photoshop CS6 and exported as H.264 so it saves as mp4. For some reason I can't seem to sync the video to my iPhone. Am I saving it in the wrong format? Thanks.
  12. M

    Logo format help?

    I am making a forum for a client, I usually make them in Photoshop but he wants a copy of the logo in PSD, JPG, EPS and AI. I can do PSD, EPS and JPG by outputting within Photoshop but what should I do about the AI format? Suggestions please.
  13. G

    JPG format

    Hello!!! I cannot save an image as JPG in Photoshop (CS3 and CS4). The Photoshop show me the message that the file is in use or left open, but nothing of these two 'opinions' happen....
  14. Casperrr

    Create Shortcut to "Save As" a Specific File Format?

    HI Trying to streamline some work flow issues and would love to be able to "Save As" without having to navigate through file formats , say, .png - every time. Is there a way to open the file browser in PS to a specific file format each time? That would be great. Thanks