1. Z

    Smoothing/correcting Edges on Shapes/objects

    Hi there I've made a design but unfortunately the shapes I made have terrible wiggly lines and are a little bit pixelated. I've searched and went through a few fixes but unfortunately I've not found one that works yet. any insight into this would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Inkz

    I Am Sam lol

    Found this interesting IamSam lol
  3. E


    Hello! Im Excited to be here. I definitely want to learn how to photoshop. I'm happy i found this website! My name is Ellie and ready to learn.
  4. chrisdesign

    3D Find The Right Balance

    Working with a 3D program like Blender can be great fun or can be very frustrating at times. Right? So I did this job just for fun, and I hope I found the right balance.
  5. G


    I am from Washington, and am hoping to acquire a future career in graphic design. I found this forum, and I hope to be a valuable member of the community!:hi:
  6. C

    After Effects Go pro Rendering

    Hi all Im very new to After Effects and need some help Iv recently been Go Karting and filmed it on my go pro at 1920 x 1080 p 60fps (file is about 3gb) Anyway iv added it to after effects and cut out the parts i didnt want. went to render it (setting i used was quicktime H.264 found this was...
  7. M

    Please help me kindly for my dads urn (photoshop smoothing)

    Hi all, My dad passed away suddenly just before christmas last year and we have ordered an urn, specifically to engrave on for a personal touch. I had found a meaningful image online, which is the irish claddagh symbol of friendship, loyalty and love. However, when I handed it over to the...
  8. fredfish

    B & W Conversion

    Some of the students I am working with are working on producing a Graphic Novel in the vein of Sin City as part of their course. As a number of them aren't particularly adept with painting tools (although some of them are absolutely great!) they were given the option of taking some high...
  9. inkpad.t

    Under the dragon tree.

    Got board, so i did this quick for something to do. used. all images can be found on pixabay.
  10. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Sewing Machine Vehicle

    A Photoshop composite done with my own images of old sewing machines, and a few parts found with google. I'm open for your critique and suggestions.
  11. chrisdesign

    3D Blender Exercise

    In this exercise I tried out how to make pipes with bezier curves. And for the first time I found out how to do reflections.
  12. D

    Need Advice/Help on big project

    I have a project building sliders for my website. However, in the past week I've found a couple of things to be a bit difficult and have a couple of differents Posts going already. I want to take a normal size picture and reduce the size a bit then put a gradient over the top. I am supposed...
  13. gedstar

    No More CC Direct Download Links?

    It was reported here that adobe will not be providing direct download links to CC2015.5 Fear not I found this
  14. S

    Hey y'all

    Glad I found this group! I'm Sarah :)
  15. N

    Just started photoshop work

    hi, i am new to this community. i have started learning photoshop a month ago. i wanted to learn more and more. however, it requires time. so i needed advises and suggestion, i found this forum. of course, a community will help you. i hope people here kind and helpful Thanks Nafees
  16. gedstar

    Challenge 35 is here :)

    :hi: ALL Challenge 35 is up and running, you can post your entries here Rules for the challenge can be found here...
  17. M

    Greetings :)

    Hello! Just found the forum, very happy to have found it. I have done Photoshop for a while, but it has been quite a bit of scratching in the dirt compared to what can be done. Eager to learn more and get advice. :) On another note, could I get some help on uploading images to my posts...
  18. gedstar

    Deal of the Week: All-Inclusive Photography Bundle (93% off)

    Just found this Alas the offer is ending in 2 days
  19. LoriA

    New member hello

    So excited to have found this site.
  20. A

    Hello! Just registered.

    Hello, Found this forum when I was searching for 3D object help for Photoshop. Found a thread that didn't really answer my question so I decided to register and hope to learn. My name is Steve. I've been a graphic designer for over 15 years. I've worked creating awards, custom promotional...