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  1. photo_mix

    After Effects My free After Effects Projects

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post in this amazing forum, i started my new initiative ( making a free & simple After Effects Project ) i will make more & more if get a good feed backs from your side, any way this is a thumbnail of my first one Link removed Note from Moderator Promoting...
  2. fredfish

    A new (free) photography course on Instructables

    I just got a notification about a free Photography course on the Instructables. You have to enroll but it is free. I have had a quick look and it looks OK. It is split into 10 chapters - the early chapters are very much beginner levels (choosing a camera etc.) but the later chapters look OK...
  3. fredfish

    Action Central

    After reading the thread about creating line art from an image I was reminded of a free action called Isobels Sketch action - I no longer have it on my system so I tried to track it down. Cant find it anywhere and in addition it would appear that Action Central is no more either (though I...
  4. M

    Can't uninstall Advanced SystemCare Free

    I can't uninstall Advanced SystemCare Free from my Windows 7. I try to reboot my computer in Safe Mode and follow the manual steps to step by step uninstall this program but I failed. Someone can recommend an effective way to permanently uninstall the software from my computer? Please help!!!
  5. S

    Wordpress & Bootstrap Free Tutorials

    Hi Guys, I figure you all know everything else, so it stands to reason you'll be able to help me with this! :lol: I want to learn how to create my own themes in Wordpress, and I've also read about (and separately been recommended) using the Bootstrap framework to do so. Now, I do have I would...
  6. gedstar

    Free: ApertureVintage Set of 400 Photos, Only 4 days left before the offer ends

    You need to create an account to get the images here Then go to here If you don't want to use your social media account just click here You'll get to this screen, just click on the copy button and...
  7. gedstar

    Illustrator Here's some free Illustrator Tutorials
  8. R

    RAM issue when editing large images

    hello i want to use photoshop for medium large images..when i open 10 images( 3500 - 2500 px ) to remove background and i want to use quickselection tool it shows this error while there is still free amount of RAM to use .. also i let photoshop to use all RAM plz help ...
  9. gedstar

    Affinity Photo for Windows FREE beta

    Affinity Photo for Windows FREE beta More info Remember this is only a Beta version so expect some issues
  10. hawkeye

    Free Photoshop Work

    It's become obvious that this site is composed primarily of people who see no value in their own time and skills and therfore is has devolved into the "come to place" for all things free. If you don't value your own skills, certainly no one else ever will. I believe my time here has come to an...
  11. M

    Is there a free plugin that's similar to Fractarlius?

    Are there any free plugins that are similar to Fractarlius? I want to try an effect I have seen but unable to buy at this time.
  12. S

    !Look like cutted! Much appreciate any help.

    Ok, here's the deal. I will attach the photo that I want to be photoshopped. - I want the headphone wires to look like cutted. I will attach to you 2 photos. 1 for the edit and 1 with the point i want to be cutted. Much appreciate any help guys, because I know you do it for free!
  13. M

    Actions free photoshop cs5 fire action

    Hi I hope it's the right place I am seeking for an photoshop action with realistic fire to put on text and perhaps photos or shapes. Because I only use it for my own private things such as a poster to my nephew and stuff, then it has to be for free. can anyone help me out where to find it
  14. W

    HELP! Any website where i can download Free Stock Photos.

    Hello, I am looking for a website where i can download all free stock photos. help me out
  15. R

    New to PS CC 2015.5

    Good Day... I've been pervious user of PS CS6 and now moving on to PS CC 2015.5 because of a purchase of a new Sony a7RII. However, I ran into problems after I downloaded the free trial version. I received the following error message when I went to open the trial version: OxcOOOOO7b. I did...
  16. Markie Jordan-Madden

    A Question about Freebies and Plugins

    So here's another newbie question that might maybe be on the minds of some others new to PS. I have located numerous different free mockups and seen a few free Plugins for PS. This thought never really occurred to me before I was a published author; I just assumed if it was marked free that...
  17. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Hello, New Here & to PS!

    Hello everyone! My name is Markie, and I'm an author and publisher. This means I'm also a cover designer! I learned how to build book covers by layering with the use of a free software called Paint Dot Net. When I got really good at it and realized it didn't quite have everything I needed, I...
  18. J

    Smart Object. Could not update smart object files because the file is already in use.

    Hi, I'm by no means an expert in photoshop. Im currently using CS6. I downloaded a free 'mockup' where i insert an image into a smart object and press save and that image looks like it is in a photo frame. I was using this free download for over a week with no issues at all. Now each time i...
  19. hershy314

    Lonely Tree

    I haven't posted any photo manipulations in a while. Thought I'd try to get back into it. Seeing how I'll have a lot of free time coming up.
  20. gedstar

    You Can Still Get Windows 10 for Free from Microsoft’s Accessibility Site

    Although Microsoft has said that the upgrade offer has ended you can still upgrade for free if you have a genuine copy of Windows 7 or 8 More info here Link to upgrade...