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  1. M

    free image download link

    where i can download free image any website is there
  2. hawkeye

    Free stuff

    Evereyone likes free stuff, I haven't tried these but since they're free... Free Products - onOne Software
  3. C

    Free Logo design request

    Hello all, Thanks for coming in. I will like to request for a free logo from any designer here for my business. i don't know anything in graphics i could have tried it out my self because the type of logo i want is a simple logo where the business name will be used for the logo and brand just...
  4. hawkeye

    Free Photoshop work editorial

    Today I responded to a post with my opinion about free work and not being able to pay. A couple of private messages later and a response about me being a little harsh, brings me to starting this post. I feel that if we, as people who have invested money and hundreds of hours to learn to use...
  5. T

    free stock images?

    Post website recommendations here...
  6. Carson

    I'm doing free retouches, just ask.

    Hey guys, I am starting a thread to do free retouching. Just send me a picture, and post what you want done to it. Also, I am going to post them on this thread to show my before and after work, and I might also put them in my portfolio depending on the project, and how well quality it is...
  7. D

    Some stuff I've done during my free time

    I feel like showing off some stuff that I've made to get some feedback. I want to learn as much as I can. DJ HYPED email signature SF Giants Android Wallpaper SF Giants iPhone Wallpaper SF Giants Laptop Background Completely Random Picture for Photoshop Class M4H...
  8. T

    I need to retouch sample photos for my portfolio. Where should/can I post a request?

    I have been an in-studio portrait retouch artist for over 7 years and am not able to use the images in my portfolio. I would like to start doing some freelance work but I need samples! I was hoping I could post something requesting some photos to retouch. Does anyone have any suggestions...
  9. F

    Brushes Huge collection of photoshop brushes | Search engine

    Hello all I made this photoshop brush search engine. And would like to hear your opinion about it. Currently I have 13,624 brushes in 699 sets on the website - Free photoshop brushes - Search engine The purpose of are too provides high quality photoshop...