1. M

    Specific Can someone photoshop my friends?

    Would it be possible to to photoshop the girl with the dark hair and orange shirt into the background only that the ginger girl Is in? So, to remove the ginger girl from her background and insert the dark haired girl. And then the opposite, photoshop the ginger girl into the background only with...
  2. G

    Specific Can you make my friend taller?

    Hello I have two pictures and i'd like to see anyone's handy work with it. I want my friend to be significantly taller in both pictures. on the following picture she's the girl on the far left with black hair Mod edit: Please upload all images directly to the forum. and on this one she's the...
  3. P

    Please photoshop these two images together!

    Hello all, I need to make a D&D character for my friend. Can you please take the head on this first image and use it to replace the head that's on this second image Thank you!
  4. W

    Can you guys help me with photo

    Hello everyone, I hoped this that not a problem I am creating a new post. I have one problem with the picture, I am making this for my friend. I have this pic: And my friend would like to see what is there under this green/blue lines ? Can i make it this in photoshop ? I hope you can...
  5. C

    White background requests

    Hi Photoshop Guru community! I was wondering if anyone can Photoshop the two pictures below of me and my friend on a paper white background. The first JPEG is close, but we need each picture to have a crispy white background. Thank you so much for your time and effort!
  6. S

    Picanto conversions

    Hi, made these today. The reason I made these is because a female friend bought this car and her friend asked me to photoshop tune it :) The Lambo version was just for fun since the guy always talk about Lambo's and Ferrari's and stuff.
  7. N

    Can someone make this better?

    Can someone fill in the holes of this pictures? Don't know if it's possible, a friend wanted me to ask! Thanks
  8. C

    Need help with picture

    Ok so I need help with getting just the face of a friend onto the body of the quaker oats guy. this is the picture of my friend. My friend is the guy. So just his face on the body of this quaker oats guys. If it's possible I need it by Saturday. I really hope someone can help...
  9. F

    Photoshop my friend in the image

    Hello,I would like to request for you to do a simple photoshop work,i would do it myself but i am on a trip and dont have access to any pc.I have 2 images,one of them there are me and my friend and on the other my other friend.I would like to have him in the same picture.Can you photoshop him in...
  10. L

    Facebook Cover (Simple)

    Delete Post can be deleted.
  11. D

    Torn fabric effect

    Hey all, I'm working on a design for a friend. He is wanting a design to look like it is torn or ripped that reveals another design underneath. I'm using an inner shadow to give it some depth, but my friend thinks it looks like the tear is raised up over the design. Does that make sense...
  12. L

    Gift for a friend

    Hello gurus! I have a friend by the name of Saravanan, nickname 'El Muteron' I wonder if anyone could please manipulate the Nirvana In Utero album cover attached below to replace 'Nirvana' With 'Saravanan' 'In Utero' with 'El Muteron' Keeping the font as close as possible to the original...
  13. T

    Pointer to Image Sharing Site with specific features

    I have a need where: 1) I can share only a specific album of ~100 to 200 images to a friend 2) Have the friend sort these images by their desirability thru manual reordering (drag and drop) 3) Export the images with a sequential number prefix so the files names will preserve the manual sort...
  14. U

    Crop my friend from background

    Hey guys. Hope you're all doing fine. Have a new request, can you please crop my friend from background and add anything like plain background or anything which makes a good selfi? Thanks in advance.
  15. R

    Help photoshopping someone in.

    I have a couple pictures were my friend wants to photoshop her ex out and put someone else in his place.
  16. W

    Help editing picture

    Can someone please help me with this picture off my friend as he wants it photoshopped so he isnt squinting etc meaning that the picture will look better as he needs it for his mothers birthday present Help will be appreciated and he is on the left! He sent me a picture of his eyes if that helps
  17. I

    Quick PS job - Can you make a sketch from a photo?

    closed request, thanks! Hi there and thanks for looking, I just need the face of the man taken from the photo and put against a white background and then modified to look as though the photo is a sketch. Thank you, Marty
  18. G

    Wave Effect

    Hi! I am trying to make a wave out of an existing image of sheet music. When I did it in a smaller scale for the mock-up it turned out beautifully, but I can not get the larger file for the actual project to behave the same way. I have been using the wave filter, and had a friend try who changed...
  19. S

    Wondering how I can make this composite more realistic

    Here is the final picture that I have so far, I'm not sure what I can do to make it look a little more realistic? Here is some of the photos I used prior to compositing in photoshop: Lamp Post: Friend Torso and thighs: Friend legs...
  20. G

    Looking for someone to edit a lot of picture (eventually several) for me.

    Hey guys, I did a quick Google search and this looks like a decent place to ask for what I'm looking for. I'm eventually looking for several images to be edited. If you can do this both well and quickly, you might be able to help me with all of them. I'm looking to edit quite a few picture into...