1. B

    What color is this dress? : black blue or white gold ?

    What is dress cloror: black blue or white gold ?
  2. S

    Gold Leaf?

    I have been trying to create an engine turned gold leaf fill to be printed on an ecosolvent printer. I was told to use a bump map to make it realistic, but after multiple attempts I can't get it right. Basically I need to make one circular "turn" that I can then copy and paste on text or...
  3. N

    Need Urgent Help

    Hi every one i am new to this forum and i need help of of Photoshop effect here i am explaining what i need is i have seen many photos were people with jewellery and those photos were changed with Photoshop effects to that only gold jewellery with gold color and remaining photo will b in black...
  4. qmyxpa0c1l34

    Gold Metal Made From Scratch

    This gold metal was made from scratch. You can make any kind of realistic looking metals using my method. The tutorial is available at my blog. The link is in my signature. Please comment, thanks. :)
  5. Hoogle

    anyone know gold code

    just wondering if anyone knew the #ffffff code for a convincing matt gold colour tried a few from the web but cant get 1 I like