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  1. M

    Please Help Photoshop Honda CBR Motorbike

    Hi everyone, I really like the blue/gold bike attached but would love to see it with the 'Repsol' logo on it as well as the bottom-side sponsor logos from the other bike. Can this be transferred in gold to match the blue bike? Very much appreciated if someone does this! I've tried to make it as...
  2. TripleYoThreat

    Gold 'Trajan Color' Font Outline On Object

    Hi, hope you're doing well! I have this that I am working on. I love Trajan Color's gold look. It is gold on one side and darker on the other. Looks amazing. I was trying to get that crisp outline on the hand, so I tried making a huge text layer with very little tracking to create a...
  3. M

    Bevel&Emboss effect on silhouette *HELP*

    Hey everyone, Thanks for swinging by my thread! I have been working on a design that will go on a sign for the company I work for. I had followed some tutorials for what I have so far. I have to say, I am pretty happy with how it is turning out! I really like the gold letters, now i just...
  4. R

    Logo help!

    Hello All, I have been struggling with creating a Unit Logo for almost a year now.:bangdesk: I have the basic drawing done and can't figure out coloring it and changing some wording. I need the word DEPT. changed to OFFICE. Semper Vigilantes needs to curve like the scroll. The wings and...
  5. L

    Show Colour

    Hiya, my daughter has asked if it is possible to change the colour of her shoes from gold to red. Thanks in advance!
  6. C

    Speed Triple Wheel Colour change.

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me out please. I'm thinking about getting the wheels on my Motorbike painted Gold. Would it be possible for someone to edit the picture and change the wheel colour to gold. I would also be open to other colour suggestion as well, red yellow...
  7. T

    Simple photoshop request?

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if someone would be willing to photoshop the color of my wheels on this picture to a gold color for me. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. ZeroCool22

    The Leprechaun! [Photomanipulation].

    BEFORE: AFTER Never Steal Gold From A Leprechaun!
  9. R

    Gold Truck Rims!

    Could some one please take the black rims on truck and photoshop them gold? Maybe a little darker shade of gold rather than lighter. Thanks very much in advanced
  10. S

    Cant put text on a banner

    i cant put text in the green zone i wanted to put a text with gold colour but when i start to type nothing happens
  11. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Gold Text with CS6 Extended

    I practised some more with Photoshop 3D tools.
  12. Burned Ice

    Feedback for medieval game startscreen

    Hey guys I have a school assignment where we have to make a medieval game start screen with a title and three buttons, I was wondering if I could have any feedback things I still have to change: The gold ornament around each button needs to be improved (as in, replacing the image with a shape...
  13. chrisdesign

    Gold City

    I tried Photoshop 3d for the first time. Before After
  14. M

    Tryng to replicate this

    Can anyone say how this was achieved? I think the gold part is like a foil finish, not sure
  15. A

    How to do gold effect on photography?

    I would like to do this effect on this photo
  16. jerseyboy

    How can I make the gold evenly lit in this icon?

    Hello, I was given a reproduction of this icon which was photographed in uneven light. What would be the best approach in equalising the gold background? Thanks in advance.
  17. R

    3D Hello, i need some help with 3d shape and textures

    Hello, I am learning 3d and texture and i want to make something like this ( how can i make these cracks or is it regular texture? ) thanks.
  18. R

    Help with Clan Logo.

    Hello, I would like to see if anyone is kind enough to just spare a tiny bit of their time to make a nice clan logo for me, I would definitely like it to look like this one: ( My one...
  19. K

    Anyone could help?

    How did they do the ''gold'' Justin Timberlake... any help would be precious for me. thank you
  20. M

    Gold Tone

    Hey guys I have a image that I would like to have a gold tone. I want the whole image colorize with a gold tone, does anyone know of a way I can acheive this? Thanks