1. Hoogle

    Actions Free long shadow Action Download

    Here is a free action which will allow you to create a long shadow action as I know it is tedious to make individual icons without some sort of automation. Create a new document 300 X 300 with a resolution of 300 and a transparant background. rest is explained in the action if you are new to...
  2. J

    How to get sharp edges on your photos?

    Hi guys ! :-) I'm new to this forum, so shout-out to all you beautiful people in here ! :mrgreen: I have the same problem every time I make a picture and insert it into my website. THE EDGES ARE ALL MESSED UP... ARGH!! Anyway, I hope you can guide me to what I'm doing wrong. The picture...
  3. C

    Hi :)

    Hi im Christian and im new in this application called Photoshop. I need your help or guide me to learn more about photoshop. Thats all :)
  4. A

    How to?

    Can someone tell me how to create text like that? Mix up Texts (Here and there). I think there's a website for it. I don't remember it anymore. Can someone guide me?
  5. P

    Multiple Guide Sets for Photoshop CS5 or better.

    I was asked on the Adobe forum if it was possible to have multiple Guide Sets, and I came up with this script. This script will only work in Photoshop CS5 or better! This script will allow you save multiple guide sets. You can add or remove quide sets. Guide sets can be appended to existing...
  6. U

    Ruler Guide not fix exactly in windows 7

    Hello guys In my PC (windows 7 ) new ruler guide not fix exactly it fixes 1px difference gap Why this issue? Please guide..