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  1. Yorkmove

    Specific Cat portrait help please

    Hi, good morning all. I’m hoping someone could help me with this. I would love to have my cat Frank on a renaissance or old portrait image. Please could someone swap the lion head for my cat Frank’s head. I have attached the lion photo and I have uploaded a few photos of Frank, so as to get his...
  2. L

    Specific Hawaiian Scenery help!

    Dear Photoshop Guru's! I need some help putting these pictures together from my travelling! I have these two pictures, that I need merging into one. The first picture has me smiling and facing the camera, however the second picture has the better view but me turning away. Just wondering if it...
  3. S

    Missing Mt Fuji :(

    Hello Gurus, My fianc? and I have always dreamed of coming to Japan and seeing Mt Fuji. We saved for two years and finally made it all the way from London to Tokyo. Today after a two hour bus ride I?m stood at the viewpoint for Mt Fuji. Unfortunately it is completely covered in clouds, to say...
  4. S


    Hello... fellow gurus absolute baby here on .. hope to learn as much as possible from the seniors. thanks
  5. S


    Hello Photoshop Gurus! Just wanted to say hello! Thanks for all the help :)
  6. Hybrus

    Vinyl Cutter Software

    Hello Gurus, I need a cutter plotter software, Anyone know does know?
  7. H


    Hello everyone! I actually came here in a moment of desperation/anxiety and needing a photoshopped image to help make a decision, which I will post about next, and I can't believe how talented you all are! This seems like such a cool community I happened upon in a moment of need and I look...
  8. P

    Hi Gurus

    Hi Photoshop Gurus, I am new to this forum and I wanna master the art of Photoshopping with the help of gurus. I hope it ll be helpful ::)
  9. B

    Gurus is there any way we can add water mark to a video using Photoshop ??

    Gurus is there any way we can add water mark to a video using Photoshop ?? If it so can you give em a tutorial or something.Thank you !!
  10. S

    Hi from Newbie of INDIA

    Hello I am a Photoshop fan & came in here to learn from The Gurus I am from Jabalpur India & still learning Photoshop. Thank you Sachin Sharma
  11. E

    Hello Photoshop Gurus

    A simple Hello :)
  12. R

    Just remove the girl please

    Hello gurus.. I don't have the skills to do a photoshop so i was hoping you could do one for me... Just remove only the GIRL please.. Thank you very much
  13. P

    Illustrator Gradient over a square filled with a pattern.

    Hi I have created my own pattern with a few shapes. I have filled a square object with my pattern but I would like to apply a radial gradient over the square over all the pattern combined. I am struggling and cannot find anything online, hopefully one of you gurus can assist. :banghead...
  14. R

    Hello from brooklyn

    My name is reggie. Gurus, I need your knowledge. I need the secrets to your power...
  15. S

    PS Gurus please explain with some live examples on the various blurs in Photoshop cc

    PS Gurus please explain with some live examples on the various blurs in Photoshop cc. There are plenty of features on this blurs filters and especially the blur gallery lot to learn out of it from experienced Gurus.Eagerly awaiting from the replies.
  16. S


    Hi am steveray am thrilled to be part of this forum.Am beginner photoshoper and lot of things to learn from the Gurus in here. :cheesygrin:
  17. S

    Gurus how to make these curved arrows ?

    Gurus how to make these curved arrows and the glossy effect etc?? Any tutorial is really helpful to all of us who are new to photoshop.Thanks in advance gurus.
  18. Z

    Text effects how to ? Needed Gurus guidance !!!

    hi am attempting a text effect and i am sure its gradients effect and i also tried to make it similar .But i missed out most of the thigns involved in the effect .Any proper guidance or a tutorial by gurus will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance cheers Zoe
  19. R


    hello Photoshop gurus i am motion graphics designer my name is raj
  20. R

    how to achieve this effect

    Hello Gurus, I just want to find out on how this effect can be done in Photoshop? Thank you.