1. Z

    Is it possible to copy Guides from one psd to other psd?

    hi Gurus is there anyway to copy guides from one psd to other psd?
  2. S

    I need help with a photoshop Project, Can any Photoshop Gurus help me out please?

    Hey gurus! I'm a very average and this is way out of my depth! Basically im trying to recreate something like the smoke monster from the TV show "LOST" into a photo of me, I cant get it right at all! The smoke would be coming from the left side and down to my face like im staring...
  3. chrisdesign

    Penguin Invasion

    Help please...penguins have invaded my bathroom. I really appreciate any good advice from you gurus!
  4. F

    Hello everyone

    Hello my name is supri, i'am from indonesia. I'am very glad to become member of this forum, nice to know you all photoshop guru's (master).
  5. B

    Name these seamless tile repeating patterns. How can I get or make them?

    What this kind of pattern is called and Where can i get it ? Gurus Please suggest .Please see the attached images. Thanks in advance :naughty::naughty: Pattern - 1 Pattern - 2 Pattern - 3
  6. B

    Trying yet another effect.Need Gurus help

    Trying yet another effect.Need Gurus help with some tips or a tutorial . Thanks in advance.Also i would like to know whats this effect is called ? I used some hue and saturation, photo-filter This is the Goal To achieve This is My effort PS Screen Shot :
  7. B

    Gurus How to make these awesome looking patterns ?

    How to make these awesome looking patterns ? Any tutorial or tips from Gurus is really useful These are the various pattern found .On This web site is it grain on that 7 , 5 , 5 ??
  8. J

    Blending light images into dark background

    I'm trying to blend the terminator woman into the background so that everything matches. The shadows I added doesn't seem to do the trick as you can see. If any of you gurus can show me how to make the modifications as well as the end result that would be great! BTW please don't laugh :cheesygrin:
  9. Steve

    Log On Problems with Photoshop Gurus Site

    Some members may have had problems logging in today. We're aware of the problem and hopefully it's been fixed.
  10. A

    Please help me with a WEDDING Design idea

    I am a new member my friend is getting wed next month on December 26th. I want to surprise him with a design. His Name: is Nura Jega his fiace's name is: Mardiya. please I want gurus in the haouse to help me with the design .the third picture is what I desgn for him. thank you
  11. B

    Gurus, how do you make shapes like this?

    Gurus how do u make shapes like this ? I used rectangle tool and then used the pen tool and drag it the path point.Is there any simple method using Photoshop cs6? Eagerly awaiting for your techniques and wana learn from you. Thank you !! :yourock::yourock:
  12. Z

    Detailed tutorial on using channels to separate images

    Gurus, do you have a good and detailed tutorial on using channels to separate images .Thanks in advance.
  13. dv8_fx

    IF PSG RULED, vote your winner for Challenge #30

    It's a much better place if PSG Rules..... Thanks to all of you who took part. And a big hand to MrTom for hosting this edition of the Challenge!!!! Now it's time to vote our winner!!! ANY MEMBER CAN VOTE.... but to the participants, please don't vote for yourself.... lol VOTING ENDS ON...
  14. S

    help with first time post

    Hello guru's New to photoshop and the forum Can anyone help me with my picture. I want to turn the 146 into 229 if it can be done. I have small skills with cs and cannot do this :( Thanks jessica x
  15. B

    Hello, the heck do I do this? Transparency with black

    I have no idea how to remove the black in these and turn these images to retain the fade around the edges ...hoping that one of you guru's can help let me know if it's even possible? Much appreciation in advance!
  16. B

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone! Newbie here! I'm Bryen, 25 years old, from London, by profession a photographer. Photography is my everything. I didn't come up this moment with any specific question, just want say Hello to all of Photoshop Gurus and thanks to the administrator of this wonderful community.
  17. S

    Hello !

    Hello! I'm starting to study Photoshop and I was looking for a forum to help me, I found Photoshop Gurus and looks great. Thanks for let me in.
  18. PGalangArt

    Hello Gurus!

    Hello everyone. I'm PGalangArt and I'm a freelance illustrator based in the Bay Area. I always wanted to join, but never got to it, so here I am. Lets start making something.
  19. Camilla

    Any other affiliated site started by Photoshop Gurus?

    Does this groovy, funky Photoshop Gurus site any direct affiliation with any other Adobe helps forum such as Adobe Premiere? I.e perhaps they have created one themselves that I know nothing about yet? Or if not, perhaps this wonderful troop of awesome people have one they can recommend? :cool2:
  20. O

    Hello All,

    Hello Guys, I'm a pro-photographer and a graphics designer hoping to build my skills in the use of photoshop from all you gurus. Cheers. Obligato