1. iNoob

    photoshop gurus summer picture

    well ill give it a shot..
  2. Z

    my first PS gurus avatar...

    for those of you who haven't noticed i have my first PS gurus avatar. the soldier is from Ghost Recon: Future soldier and the original image consists of around 12 layers with brush stroke effects, gradiant maps rasterized text and splatter brushes yeah i'm a girl gamer, so what? anyway, i...
  3. amigo

    New friend of Gurus, Old friend of Photoshop :)

    Hey every one! This looks like an excellent forum and I'm sure I'll be able to learn a lot out of it! I also hope I will be able to contribute from my knowledge to different people in this forum. See you around! Amigo.
  4. M

    Greetings Guru's from remote Alaska

    Hi everyone, I absolutely love photography and shoot in RAW mode with my d5000. I am limited in fancy camera bodies and lenses with my most expensive lens being the 70-300mmVR which I bought for 400 bucks. However, in the past year or so that I have been shooting RAW, I dont have any real...
  5. admin

    Photoshop Gurus Official Logo Re-Design Contest $200 to the Winner!

    Photoshop Gurus is going to be re-launching it's website (not the forum, the home page found here) as a Photoshop Jobs board and Blog with a brand new design. We decided to let our users and the design community come up with a new logo to be used on our new home page and also here in the...
  6. Juanito Jov

    Greetings [Ps Gurus] from Mandeville, Jamaica

    My Name is Jovi AKA Juanito Jovz I have been using photo shop since 2000 and took a break in 2005-2007 to learn [Pr] I know a few tricks of the trade an I already feel that I will learn soooo much more from this Guru Community of Elite Editors. I am doing film however I believe if it is art...
  7. A

    Hi Gurus!!!

    Hi All, im new here i want to join this site to be a photoshop guru :mrgreen:,,,