1. H

    Edit Request or instructions please

    This an image of myself. I have been trying to make it an overall better photo but I'm failing miserably. I know the background is a bit distracting, but I need help. I need this photo for my website, so I need it to look more like a professional portrait. Maybe some makeup, remove the...
  2. R

    Use the dynamics range in the RAW file to render out hair

    Hey guys. - I wan't to share with you a new tutorial i made tonight. The Raw image contains a lot of data (Huge dynamics range) use the raw filter to explore this and use it to your advantage. THis might not be the perfect method for rendering hair - but’s its a valid and good one, and good...
  3. X

    Photoshop these to brighten my hair?

    hi so i recently got my hair dyed... and a friend from out of state wants to see it (it's burgundy0 ...but my house has very bad lighting and i only have a saturation tool on my flip phone and it makes my face orange (even though my hair gets brighter o_O ) so ya can someone photoshop these...
  4. P


    Hello, This is my first post, so please bear with me if I don't do this correctly. I have an image of a dog that I'm editing. I took the photo in a studio with a white backdrop. I want to remove a shadow that is behind the dog so the whole background is white. I do not want to lose the detail...
  5. PhotoshopTrainingChannel

    Photoshop Training Channel Tutorials Thread

    Hope you enjoy this video. Any questions let me know!Thanks!Tutorial Asset Files: Image:
  6. T

    Changing car colour in Photoshop using Displacement Map

    How to change the colour of your car in photoshop to see what it would look like in a different colour. This doesn't just stop at car colours, it can also be used for hair colour, or changing eye colour etc.
  7. Kristen Harrison

    Make a cool furt text effect from a pic of you cat or dog!

    This is what I got doing the tutorial... Not so good :neutral: but I'm trying! The tutorial is great though! PS I took a pic of my cat while she slept!
  8. I

    Editing a headshot...suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm lightly touching up a headshot. In the photo, the subject's hair has a piece that is standing apart from the rest. I can try to "erase" it, but that would make her hair look a bit thin on the one side. How can I fill in the space between to look like natural hair? I kind of...
  9. Corie Toland McWain

    Complex hair selection and color change

    Hi! In the above photo I need to change the hair color. I have searched and watched many PS tutorials on complex hair selection. None of them have been able to help me find the best way to select all the hair, even the wispy strands to change the color. I was hoping maybe someone would be...
  10. A

    cutting out people with hair out of backgrounds

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good technique or tutorial where you can cut people especially ladies with blowing hair out of complex backgrounds cleanly? Thanks
  11. R

    help me with hair color guys

    i know how to turn a grey hair into a blonde..but how do u change it into a black hair?
  12. C

    How remove colors to the hair with background

    Hi I am newbie in photshop i am using CS4 I have a picture with my daughter i just want to edit and replace new background but there some portion in the picture its hard for me to remove colors to the hair. i just want to retain tiny hair without erasing totally. I used pen tool to crop it...
  13. K

    Trying to remove dark background from curly hair!

    Hello! I'm very new to photoshop and I'm trying to make a birthday card. To do this I need to cut a girl out from a background. Yesterday I played around with paths, but its very hard to get a good result. Today I've been trying other methods with limited success. I've been watching tutorials...
  14. S

    PHOTOSHOP Tutorial #3- CHANGING HAIR COLOUR Seamlessly

    Unique way to Change hair color using Photoshop effortlessly. This is my Part 3 of the Photoshop Tutorial series of videos. Check out the tutorial below- Please share your Valuable Comments and Suggestions on this video.
  15. D

    Issue with layering I am having (Specifically for removing hair)

    Hey everyone, I just recently got Photo Shop and have had a great time using it, big step up from what I was using. I am very excited with the layering tools and especially to be able to remove hair so cleanly from backgrounds. Now, when using an image with a flat color background I can do...
  16. B

    remove background with stray hair

    I could use some help extracting or replacing the background in this photo. I'm having a hard time because of the stray hairs. The background must be a solid white color. Many thanks if you can help!
  17. alixman96

    Best way to do the hair

    I tought of of putting a replay on the on going chalange week but i found a totally diffrent and easyer way of doing the hair and besides that thread is soo long no one is going to read it dont get me wrong im not doing this for my self im just trying to help people: >>>>>>>Photoshop Mama's #4...
  18. ibclare

    work & fun -- extracting hair

    I'm trying channels for hair extraction. This is one of those tutorials where I find I'm missing something, because even though I follow the steps, my results are not quite . . . :banghead: Other tutorials to try next. Anyway, I had fun overall. Just not the result I want. Learning . . ...
  19. A

    Need help retouching hair

    I have to fix this photo: clean up messy hair on top/side where sun is hitting it make any curves/levels adjustments necessary Brighten/smooth any issues on face Just wondering best way to go about it. What do you think about the shadows and highlights on the face? Should I adjust the...
  20. J

    delete wispy hair

    Hi all, Any suggestions please for the best way to delete all the bits of wispy hair here in CS5? The spot healing brush tool (content aware) works ok in some places but in other places makes a mess. :cry: Thank you :)