1. R

    Help please

    Can anyone please crop the guy on the back and remove the black mark in my face on the right side and also enlarge chest muscle.
  2. IamSam

    Digital Painting: Hair 101

    Ok, for this first installment we are just going to cover the very basics of how I paint hair. For this tut, I will only use the Brush Tool, no special brushes, and black and white as my pallet. I'm using a Wacom Intuos tablet. My basic brush settings for the hair brush are: Mode: Normal...
  3. E

    How to increase hair volume?

    Hi!!! I wonder how to get increase hair volume model as attached image. I tried a few tools, but they were not natural. The following example of photo and photo to simulate the effect ... know any tips? Thank you!
  4. O

    Photoshop Request: Cosmetic Changes

    Photoshop Request: Cosmetic Changes [*UPDATE*] Hi Gurus, Thanks for setting up a request page. I'm hoping for a few cosmetic changes to a picture taken of me about a month ago but just shared with me today. In the past month I've lost a lot of weight, so I'm hoping for the following changes...
  5. H

    Moving Hair Like a Saiyan *.*

    Hello, I really like this pic a friend of mine made this for me it's like a saiyan :lol: I just want to ask if its possible to make its hair move :cheesygrin: If its hard maybe you can giff me a tut on how to do that, im new in photoshop i would really appreciate your help
  6. D

    Change hair color

    Hello everyone I'm new here and need help with change hair color from black to blonde. Can help anyone?
  7. A

    Purple hair please?

    Hi, Photoshop Gurus! I'm useless with photo-editing and I hope someone is willing to help me out. I was supposed to dye my hair purple to lighten the news (for Facebook friends) that I am having brain surgery soon, but the date is sooner than I expected and I can't dye it without jeopardizing...
  8. A

    My Mom

    Hello, My Mom recently passed away. The last picture I have of her is a selfie she took. The picture is ok but im hoping one of you guys can fix it up a bit. Please blur the background put her anywhere but someplace with a TV in the background. Please remove the odd bunching of skin just below...
  9. T

    Help with removing something, please!

    Hello. I've tried to do this myself, but I just can't get it right. Could someone please remove the hair from my cheek in this photo?
  10. agentmoeller

    A solution.... pointy ears - just cover them with hair!
  11. S

    Can someone help me out please?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could please photoshop both these images to have the person/character in them have no hair and be bald. I would really aprreciate it if someone could help me. Thanks.
  12. O

    A Hairy Problem

    Hi guys, I am having a really annoying problem that I can't quite find a good solution for. I am relatively familiar with some of the techniques for removing subjects from the background, but I am having a real issue with one area in particular. In the attached image, I am finding it really...
  13. J

    Please help!

    Can some one please straighten my jaw line and give me facial hair, I'm not looking for a full beard but multiple styles it's up to you, my facial hair is the same as my head but has a slightly red tint to it, do anything you want but please make it look as realistic as possible thank you!
  14. J

    Hair Color Change Problem (Blonde --> Silver/white?)

    I recently did a photoshoot with my friend. She has blonde hair but to go along with the theme of the photo, I really want to change her hair color to a white-silvery color. I've been on photoshop for 3 hours now trying to change it but no matter how many different things I've tried it always...
  15. E

    Reflections and Hair Edits

    Okay, I admit. I could come up with a much better title than the one I put, but frankly I don't actually know what to call what I did. I was watching a tutorial on sunglasses reflections and though, "Hey this is cool. Let's try it!". The random picture I picked ended up irritating me in a way...
  16. K

    Really simple edit please!

    Hi! I have a photo of my friend and I from camp that was to mimic the same picture we took last year at camp. The photo is cute but the problem is a chunk of hair is out of my ponytail ruining the picture. Can someone please edit out the chunks of hair to the right side? Thank you SOOO much!!
  17. R

    Need Help Making Selection

    I’m trying to practice difficult selections. I viewed several tutorials that IamSam posted a week ago on this subject, but I’m not happy with my final result. Need some advice on what my next step should be. Using the Path tool and a Calculation adjustment on the red channel, I created the...
  18. P

    Vectorizing Photo

    Hello there. I'm doing a vector with Pen Tool in PS to my girl, I'm still adding shadows and highlights to the skin, and needs to start the hair. Since the photo is in low resolution, I'm having much trouble with finding the right edges, and doing everything OK. Any tips how to finish it...
  19. R

    Complex selections (not hair)

    I have hundreds of dancer photos I need to change backdrops on. I don't have an issue with hair but many of the pictures the dancers are wearing crowns which is so time consuming I may never finish the photos. Can someone please give me a suggestion on how to handle the crowns? Here is an...
  20. K

    complicated hair masking

    It might be that I am tired and something just isn't sticking in the tutorials that I have watched but I have tried like crazy to mask out the hair in the attached pic. The client wants to change the color of the hair in this pic to a dark green and the skin tone to be more pail with a very...