1. A

    change black hair to any other colour

    Hi can someone point me or instruct me on how to change black hair to any other colur like green red etc. I was able to change colour of lighter colur hair but failed to do so with black hair, I'm using photoshop CS5 thank you
  2. K

    ca someone save me from pulling out my hair :~)

    hey guys so i paid n downloaded some templates thinking they would be easy to use,,, a week later and am ready to pull my hair out,, i either loose pic or i change the colour of everything when i try to use it,, so i was hoping if i post the links to my file what templates in and the photos i...
  3. Erik_svensson92

    Photoshop Request : Changing the color of my hair

    hey,i was looking at my old photos and i miss my old hair color watched some youtube videos of how to change on photoshop but i failed :neutral: please help me change the color of my hair on my new photo so it looks like the old one new photo ...
  4. A

    Change hair color from blonde to brunette

    I am trying to change a model's hair color in a photo from blonde to dark brunette (need one dark brown, and one black hair). I can change the hair color to every other color and lighten and darken it using hue/saturation, burn & sponge tool, brush with overlays, but cannot seem to...