1. Paul

    DV8's 60 today

    Happy Birthday old man or should i say lizard:mrgreen: :bustagut:
  2. S

    Typography wallpaper [2016]

    Happy new year everyone..
  3. Paul

    Happy new year to all members.

  4. B

    Hello all...from Ventura, California!

    Just a quick hello from another FNG. Happy to be here.
  5. C

    Hello ^^

    i'm New Member i like photoshop (photomanipulation vexel ...) :happy: i'm a 21 years i'm from Marocco i'm happy because to join this Web Site i need new Bro new Sister new teacher :wave2: thanks ^^
  6. dv8_fx

    It's HOOGLEDAY....

    The Staff and members at PSGurus would like to wish our SSM (Single Senior Moderator) :cheesygrin:, @Hoogle ..... :wave1:A SWINGING, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:wave1: HIT IT, GUYS ...... :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: ....... A big thanks to you for years of service, helpfulness and activity in...
  7. Eggy

    Mountain Village

    I never did something like this so after gathering the next images (resized) to this: I feel this project is not finished yet. Please do comment and show me the right direction... :happy:
  8. I

    help with sun problem

    first i want to clear that i dont have any knowledge in photoshop, now, if possible i want to reduce the sun effect if anyone can help me i'll be more than happy, thanks
  9. L

    Don't get to do AMC cars much...must less Gremlins.

    Not a lot of call for the AMC cars. I was happy to get a crack at this one.
  10. Paul

    Happy Birthday MrTom

    Many happy returns mate, you share the day with my eldest she's 27 today how old are you old fruit:mrgreen:
  11. M

    Hi, I'm Mar Ian :D !

    Hello :D . My name is Marian, I want to learn some photoshop design...and I hope I'll find here some tasks for a beginer like me... I'm happy to join the community , and great to meet you all :D
  12. chrisdesign

    Happy Easter to all of you

    Kind regards Chris
  13. Paul

    Happy Birthday to you

    Steve :bustagut:
  14. N

    Add background to photos

    Hi All, Hopefully someone can help me with this. I had a comic-con themed birthday party a year or so back, where everyone came in costume (of course). My original idea was to get a backdrop printed with tiled Comic-Con logos (like the attached) and have people take their photos in front...
  15. O


    I complete 'File Info' for all the photographs I take. I take several hundred images per week. I would like to use the Metadata attached to each image and port into a database. Does anyone know of a piece of software that does this? Happy to pay for s/w that works for me. Orc :lol:
  16. D

    Help needed

    Hi. I'm new here and want to welcome all members here. I have one "big" request. I hope this is the right section to do it bc I need it quick. I don't know how to make it, I'm still very fresh at photoshop so I need help. I need it for my paper work, due tomorrow.... I need this logo to be done...
  17. J

    Happy valentines day

    :) valentines day 10 days reamings
  18. P

    Hello and Happy New Year from new member here

    Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!
  19. Zain Khan

    Happy New Year 2K15:)

    Happy New year to all our Photoshop Gurus :) I am very excited to join this site and found this site one of the most interesting forums site available on the web :) I feel I should be a part of it and share and gain knowledge with the lovely people of this website Thank you :)
  20. I

    HI and Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to ya all..........