1. dv8_fx

    Happy new year to all

    A new year is dawning somewhere in the world. A New Year ...... A New Beginning...... In behalf of everyone here at PSGurus, we would like to wish all our members and everyone across the world .... A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!! It's been a challenging but fantastic 2014. But it was...
  2. P

    Hi, I am glad be here

    It's nice weather today, but this forum I registered make me feel happy and inspired. I hope that i and this forum grow up together. Thanks everyone.
  3. Mansson


    First time really looking for an answer I end up here. As a strong headed - always trying to find out things for myself kind of person this feels awkward but I reckon it'll save a load of time learning to ask. :wink: Who am I? I'm a Swede picking up my childhood dream quite late in life. I've...
  4. dv8_fx

    Merry christmas to one and all.....

    The Staff of PSGurus wishes all our members across the globe.... A HAPPY, ROCKIN' CHRISTMAS!!!!! It's been a fantastic year for us all and we couldn't have done it without you - so thank you and enjoy the love and warmth (and cold) of the season with your loved ones...... Peace On Earth...
  5. K

    Need Assistance to repair COREL DRAW X4 Files or troubleshoot transfer to X7 Issue.

    Hi team, just hoping for some ideas on Corel. We have thousands of files originally made in X4, now transferring to X7. Seems some have been corrupted, and wondering how to get them back on track. We have tried the .ZIP from temp, but nothing. The files are not 'crashing', just get super...
  6. LemonLuuk

    Yoda. Before and After.

    Before After What do you guys think? Im happy with it! But i still have to learn much.
  7. dv8_fx

    Happy thanksgiving!!!

    To all our US members and visitors.... Photoshop Gurus wishes you and yours ... a Happy Thanksgiving!!! *** from the staff of PSG. ... LiZad doesn't mind a turkey drumstick ...
  8. inkpad.t

    What Do You Think Of your/this Art

    In my line of work it's not very often that you come across people who do graphics/art, use Photoshop so on and so on ( didn't know it was etc, etc, or ect,ect, ), But today I did, he showed me his art work, and he ask the question was it good ? Well, who am I to say if it's good or bad, we had...
  9. gautamz07

    Image smoothing

    Hey Guy ! wass up :D :D well actually i was editing an image and had a small difficulty . below is the image i am tryng to edit : i used the content-aware move tool to take off the happy diwali at the top : now this is how it look , see how rigid it looks on top :P , (look below)...
  10. S

    Hi Everyone!!

    Hi everyone! My name is Matt and I recently joined this forum. I will be really happy to get discussion and information on this topic.
  11. W

    New to the site

    Yep here I am and there you are. I like photography and photoshop, when I get to combine the 2 I'm really happy. I'm here to learn and help.
  12. M

    Clip and Tuck

    Surgeons of the sight and physicians of photos, I challenge thee! I lost quite a bit of weight between the time of me getting this photo taken and now (25lbs or so). I'd really like to see what you fine folks are capable of in terms of editing. If you can make some 'weight loss' look as...
  13. N

    Hello! I'm Neil from the Philippines.

    Hello! I'm Neil from the Philippines. I am very happy that I found a forum community for PHOTOSHOP lovers like me. I am a proud user of Adobe Photoshop and this is very useful for me as a brand identity designer/logo designer. Thank you Gurus!
  14. Hoogle

    After Effects Happy New Year everyone

    Ok here is a pre 10 second countdown counter I did for a friend I just replaced a lot of the motion graphics with and dj related stuff with psg logo sorry it is a bit boring but the original animation was only requested today so had to spend all my time and cpu on that and if I redid it all for...
  15. dv8_fx

    Happy new year....

    TO EVERYONE IN THE FORUM.... MAY YOU BE MEMBERS, MODS, PASSER-BYS, SPAMMERS, BOTS..... The last two won't last the hour here.... A HAPPY NEW (2012) YEAR TO ALL.......
  16. Stefano

    Happy Holidays Gurus!

    Hi Gurus, I have been running a hobby website for a few years now; it is what I use photoshop for when I am not using photoshop strictly to waste time... :lol: Anyway I put a good amount of time into this Xmas card, mixiing movie props & characters with Santa's Village and elves in the North...
  17. Steve

    Happy Hanukkah

    I want to wish a Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish members. December-20-28-2011
  18. V

    After Effects Happy Holidays!

    Thank you for being part of this amazing community and I can’t wait to share our exciting future! Happy holidays from the Blerim and everyone at VideoCreative! - Tutorials . Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday! Happy Holidays!
  19. J

    Happy to be a member here

    Funny I have been using Photoshop since 1997 using Photoshop 4:)) However until just now I have never thought about hunting out a Photoshop forum. Well I am looking forward to learning some cool stuff and also giving a little back too:)) Happy days:)
  20. iDad

    Happy Thanksgiving

    It's just around the corner.......(hours away) Happy Thanksgiving all Photoshop Gurus.enjoy the holidays!:mrgreen: