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  1. E

    Specific Remove people in background

    Could somebody plz remove all of the people in the background so that it looks as if the person is benching alone?? Thanks.
  2. Jerry D

    Take a break

    When you get tired and cross-eyed from working so hard at Photoshop, take a look at this. For more goodness, click on "NEXT" at the top left.
  3. E

    Nice to be here

    Hallo, my name is Eric and I am doing my first steps in photoshooting and photoshoping! Please don't be hard on me! I am sure to learn so many things here
  4. E

    Pop art chars

    is it hard to draw characters like this?
  5. J

    remove text from these pics

    hope u guys can help me remove the text circled in red let me know if its doable, they are kinda hard.
  6. A

    Rendering Chrome? Photoshop 3d

    Hi guys, was just wondering if you had any insight on how to create a 3d object, then apply a chrome surface, as the surfaces i'm using doesn't actually show a name, so its hard to tell what is grey, what is chrome, what is brushed silver etc... Is there a way to identify these...
  7. D

    Photoshop Request 5.19.17

    Good afternoon! Was jus curios if you can switch the girl on the right smiling with teeth, with the same girl smiling with out her teeth in the other photo. It's taken in a dim light setting so I understand if it's too hard to do. Much appreciated if anyone could try. Health&happiness, Deana
  8. gedstar

    3D WIP Ukulele

    This is just a screenshot of a WIP from tutorial just with render preview, it's a pretty tough one so far, but I'll get there soooooooon :shocked:
  9. 1

    Please help with a badly damaged photo of myself from 70's

    Hello there :) this picture of me as a child was recently found in my parents loft in an old rover biscuit tin and looks rather sorry for itself,could anyone please fix this,it looks like a lot of hard work to be honest.. wish i had the skills myself to repair it but i'd probably just make it...
  10. P

    new here

    Hi, I am a long time user of ps. I had some great metallic styles that were lost when my hard drive crashed and I'm looking for replacement ones that are great with thin fonts. That brought me here.
  11. A

    Query - How do I create this effect?

    Hi I'm trying to achieve the following effect, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any help :)
  12. A

    How to make this logo

    Hi, How can I make this logo? I try to make the lines but It's hard to me.
  13. Pipsmom

    Resizing worries

    I've just started making a special imagine for Christmas to use as my signature on a dog forum that I moderate. That project being hard enough for this Newby ........I'm panicking already that I won't be able to resize it to the permitted size permitted there ( 300x200) that will include all of...
  14. Evil Nemesis

    Oval / Long shape face makeover ideas

    What are some tips and tricks in ps to for a good looking makeover. I tried here but I still think I couldn't go for better color choices and even though I tried very hard but it still looks strong to me. (Check attached image) Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.
  15. P

    How to make this simple graphic?

    Hello! I have to make a presentation and do need this graphics. Sadly, they are in one ****ty quality, so that I can not just copy them. So my question is: How can I make this in Photoshop? It can't be very hard, but I did not manage to do it yet. Can somebody help? :) It is all about the...
  16. chrisdesign

    3D Diamond Quality Control Unit

    I had the idea for this concept for quite some time, though I couldn't realize it because I was not in a position to build my own steampunk pipes with my current knowledge of Blender. In recent days I have worked hard on this image, learned a lot here, but I had yet to overcome some setbacks...
  17. gedstar

    Free up Windows 10 Disk Space with Compact OS

    This is not PS related but just thought I'd post it for anybody running out of C Drive space on a Windows 10 PC I ran the command on a test machine and was able to claw back 2GB of C Drive space, not a lot considering the price and size of SSD's and Hard Drives these day's but hey every little...
  18. B

    Ideas and executing them in photoshop/ illustrator..etc

    Hi, all. I have a question. I have so many ideas that I've sketched out and wrote down to be designed in either photoshop or illustrator. I'm not so great with illustrator and I never understood it when I was in college cuz the teachers SUCKED! But anyways I'm having a hard time with having the...
  19. D

    hello everyone. looking forward to this my name is Deano.

    Hey there. this is brand new to me using a forum. so navigating a new membership is hard enough let alone advancing my skills. heres to the challenge.
  20. B

    Easiest Request You'll Ever See

    Hi everyone! I just got a new job and I'm trying to decorate my office. I bought a 5×5 frame for a photo collage of my dogs, but the smallest square print the photo lab I use will print is a 6x6. Unfortunately, my fiance spilled tea all over my laptop and fried my hard drive so I don't have...