1. I

    Hey, Rookie here :D

    Hello pplz So yeah, title says it all Im a new guy, in this forum, and in photoshop I hope to learn alot from this site! :)
  2. C

    Hey all

    I was able to pick up a copy of Photoshop CS4 for my Mac. I had been doing all of my previous editing with Fireworks so I was very limited and I am excited to see what Photoshop and this community has to offer!
  3. Z

    Hey, Alex here :D

    hey guys n' gals, i have already made a few posts here but i think it's high time to introduce myself. so, I'm Alex, and it may come to a surprise in the near future to find i am indeed female, Alex is a funny name innit? my English may be slightly off as i am originally from Finland but i know...
  4. Paul

    Hey it is sunday afternoon...

    Just playing around with layers again lol.
  5. S


    Hey! Im Scott, nice to meet you all.
  6. X

    hey to all

    Hello everyone , I am a new comer . My name is Blackgong . i come from Florida .Playing football and reading is my favorite , and I am an anime fan. Nice to meet you, hope we can all become friends, exchange learning.I think we will become very good partners and friends.
  7. Roxandara

    Hey guys :)

    Can i have a lil help please?? Does this pic have any effects or modifications? If so... which are them? :) Thanks!! HERES THE PIC: http://a1.twimg.com/profile_images/1362444469/Screen_shot_2011-05-10_at_8.54.36_AM.png
  8. M

    Hey you!

    Hey guys, what's up? :) I'm new for this forum and I hope I'll be involved in its life :)
  9. B


    im new here and all i want to do is learn lol
  10. K

    hey !

    Hey i jus joine din i got a few doubts and need help! ;-)
  11. Stock

    Haha, Hey!

    Just made me laugh to see all of the people signing in for the 1st time. (: Well first off, my irl name is Joey. I am 16 and I got Photoshop CS5 Extended last Sunday. So I am a literal noob at this. I thought the best idea would be for me to come to a friend "help you out" forum. So I hope to...
  12. sparky

    New Guy Here, Hey!

    Hey everyone, I'm Cody! Started using photoshop three days ago, joined to meet some people and learn some tips and tricks. My sig and avatar is my first work, hope its good. :)
  13. C


    Hi people, I'm new here, hail from Scotland, and can't use photoshop at all really. Already finding some useful things out though, thanks :)
  14. Dominik

    Hey :)

    hello, my name is Dominik, and I'm a PS newbie. I also like playing bass ;) Cheers from Poland!
  15. D

    hey guys ^_^

    hi guys i would like to request this picture ^_^ can anyone can do this for me ^_^ ? like this photo ill be w8 for it thanks ^_^ and again thanks xD
  16. K


    Hey all! I'm kurious and I'm new here! I'm still a newb to all these photoshop things. I was supposed to post a picture of an example of one of the things I did in Photoshop, but unfortunately, I had to have 4 posts. Lol :) Anyways, nice to meet all of you! :)
  17. I

    Hey People

    Hey , just dropin a hello :thumbsup: ,am tryin to learn about PS atm looking forward to it
  18. P

    Hey all!

    Hi, I'm Patricia :) Just your average teenager. I've been fooling around Photoshop since I was like 11 and I'm just overly addicted to it. So I've been using it for like 7 years. I barely come to forums for help on it unless it's about 3D or new stuff/plugins but I've decided to share some...
  19. Max Monastyrev

    Hey Y'all!

    Came to this site, looking for 'CD Cover' dimensions :bustagut:, happy to be here :thumbsup:
  20. J

    Please help photoshop my house??

    hey, i am doing this to have 4 posts I have no idea how to photoshop, but I think what you guys do is amazing. I am in the process of building a new house, and trying to decide whether or not to put shutters around the windows. I was hoping someone could photoshop thin black shutters around...