1. F

    Hey! :)

    Hi everyone at Photoshop Gurus :) My name is Joe, I'm 16 from the United Kingdom, England. I use Photoshop now and then but I'm not great at it, I've joined here to have some fun with Photoshop and get a lot better. I look forward to meeting all of you and having some fun. Thanks ;D
  2. Pepperbel


    Well thought I'd check it out, see if I can learn some more, sooooo, as I'm really not all that good with 'hi's I'm gonna leave it at that. lets be geeks :rocker:
  3. P


    hey people :) i'm pindo, i've come here to get help on some photoshopping and also learn more :)
  4. A

    Hey, looking for a tool in photoshop

    hey, I have a stripes texture, and I want to band all the stripes together by a curve to the direction I want the stripes are one layer going from buttom to top thanks !
  5. M

    hey everyone im new here

    im not on here alot but i was wondering if someone could do me a large favor...if someone could add a piece of paper to the attached photo saying "I'M REAL" It would be very much appreciated please?
  6. S

    Hey guys need some help! please :)

    This is my '93 Holden Commodore ( Australian car ). I was just hoping someone with a bit a free time and some photoshop skills could possibly paint the top half silver for me. I'm looking to get a new paint job soon. I just don't want to spend money on something that will look bad. SO if someone...
  7. D

    Hey awl...!

    Hi everyone. Davis here. I am also a new member on this board and I hope I could find and share useful stuff here also. I'm positively looking forward to the forum and its members, hope all will guide, share and help me to increase my knowledge on different topics.
  8. N

    Hey everyone :D

    Hey there! I'm Matt, and I couldn't be happier after finding this site. If I needed to describe myself in one sentence, it would be...a sociable geek/nerd hybrid with a passion for the French language and a pretty heavy artistic side. Yeah. :D When I'm in Photoshop, I'm just in my element...
  9. ibclare

    Hey, where is the Hoogleman? News

    Hi fellow PSGs, You might have noticed that Hoogle isn't around the last couple days. I was hoping he would be home back with us by now and I wouldn't have to share this, but he's not. He went emergently into the hospital the day before yesterday (being on the west coast of the USA I can't...
  10. BayCat

    Hey, newbie here

    Hello, obviously I'm new here. I'm also very new to PS. I have PS CS5 and cant even get off the ground. Very frustrated, but hope to learn a lot here. BayCat
  11. C

    Hey Everyone!

    I am new on here, and probably about as green as you can get as far as photoshop goes! Yup, I don't even have it yet. I am getting more and more interested in it though as I see what people can do with it. I tried using my sisters a while back, I think it was 6, and I was lost. I am a drafter...
  12. S

    Hey guys!I need help editing this picture

    I have this photo I want to use as a facebook profile picture but there are logos on it.Can anyone give me a tutorial to make the logo blend in with the pic so its barely visible and not completely gone.If anyone can help or do this for me I greatly appreciate it.Im new to photoshop.
  13. S


    I just joined the forum. I've been using Corel PhotoPaint for ages, and just made the move to PhotoShop, so I'm here looking for tips, tutorials, and general info to get myself up and running. I mostly use it for editing/retouching personal photos... I'm not a professional graphics person.
  14. JustThisGood

    Hey errrrrrrybody

    New here:cool2::cool2:
  15. Z

    Hey, I'm Zocress!

    Hello to every member of Photoshop Gurus, I'm very happy to get the opportunity to join. My nickname is Zocress, you can actually call me whatever you want: Zoc, Zoccy, Zocce’Monster . . . Whatever you may please. So yeah, I hope to get a great time with you guys in here. I am no really...
  16. P


    Hey, im photoshoptopsecret :) I'm just here to post some tutorials for well... photoshop :D
  17. O

    Hey guys

    Feel bad since i've posted for requests without even introducing myself! Well I'm Paul Thompson, i'm 17 and from Scotland! Music & acting realy do control my life, playing guitar is a great passion of mine and I currently own seven :) I got into Photoshop recently after moving from GIMP...
  18. F

    Hey ho

    Hi! My name is Nikas, I'm 16 years old and a Photoshop newbie. Hope I can get some help here to improve my skills! If you want to know something about me, feel free to ask.
  19. B

    Hey all

    Hiya everybody, hope you're doing well. New guy here, trying to learn this beast of a program. See ya around!
  20. A

    hey all

    hey everyone, greetings from Poland, hope I will learn here something useful.