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  1. E

    How was this text texture created?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone would know how the texture on this text could be achieved in PS? Thanks a lot for any help with this Jim
  2. M

    How to make a photo look like this?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how to edit a photo to make it look like this. What effects she used in her photo and how to achieve them?
  3. S

    Dispersion Effect

    Hey everybody, can you apply to apply to one of this photos Dispersion Effect please?
  4. N

    Hey there!

    Hey, I'm Nawer. My main interest lies in fashion design and illustration and I'm now starting to discover Photoshop as a new tool in my repertoire.
  5. M

    Photoshop Tiara Removal Request

    Hey could someone help remove the tiara from my head please ? Thanks.
  6. S


    Hey all, Just stopping in here to say Hi!!!...... I'm the noob :) Scott
  7. Inkz

    Logo Collection 2016/2017

    Hey friends.. Just put together a collection of logos I've designed or recreated over the last year. These are presented in B/W for the collection but most ended up in colour. Thanks for looking.
  8. G

    Hey everybody!

    Hey everybody! I appreciate this creativity and I enjoy all the skill it takes! Sincerely George,
  9. I

    Cigarette removed

    Hey! Could anyone remove the cigarette from this photo? Using it for a print off and would like it gone if at all possible. Thank you!
  10. M

    How can I create an image like this?

    Hey everyone! New to the forum and had a question! I wanted to create an image like that attached but didn't know exactly how and didn't know what to look up Thanks! Michael
  11. gedstar

    Free up Windows 10 Disk Space with Compact OS

    This is not PS related but just thought I'd post it for anybody running out of C Drive space on a Windows 10 PC I ran the command on a test machine and was able to claw back 2GB of C Drive space, not a lot considering the price and size of SSD's and Hard Drives these day's but hey every little...
  12. Mageeec

    hey everyone!

    Hey Everyone! im new here! nice to meet you guys! :cheesygrin:
  13. gautamz07

    Typography question for para fonts

    Hey guys which of the below 3 do you think is more readable ? 1. 2. 3. ?? Do elaborate on your answers :D
  14. O

    Hello All

    Hey all, I'm a graphic designer, glad to be a part of the community!
  15. A

    Changin the text color

    Hey, I have this Honda logo (attached) I would like to change the color of the text to grey What is the best way to do it? Thanks
  16. RollTheDice

    Background change

    Hey. Can someone change a background of one of my kids photos? I have the background and the image of one of my sons. He wants to do it to put it in a frame in his room.
  17. D


    Hey there guys,...hope will get on some higher level in PS with your help :)
  18. S

    Hello everybody!

    Hey all! I've been reading these forums on/off for a few years now so I thought I'd sign up and post occasionally as the community seems great. I love working with Photoshop and I'm excited to share tips with one-another. I've got about 4 years of experience with Photoshop and about 3 years...
  19. D

    how to do make this picture

    Hey, Who can help me? I would like to make this of different countries. from this picture Thanks, Dempsey
  20. Z

    Star Wars ASN-121 Droid WIP

    Hey Guys Before I show, just to give some background to the ASN-121, it's the droid seen in the beginning of Star Wars Episode II, It's a modified courier droid that belonged to the ill fated assassin Zam Wesell. This was the concept I worked from: this was a render made after 3 and 1/2...