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  1. V

    Auto crop white border

    I'm searching for a way to remove the white border of images. I have 6000-7000 images, so I can't do this by hand... Every image has a different size and a different white border. Is there any plugin that does this? For example: has to be:
  2. R

    Real Estate photo Editing

    I have gotten so busy in my real estate photography business I can't keep up with the work. I am always working late Sunday night trying to finish the previous week. I either need to turn down assignments or out source some editing. I am looking for someone that can duplicate my workflow, even...
  3. M

    Looking to make a T-Shirt With two images merged.

    Greetings, I am looking to have the images merged for a T-shirt I am looking to produce. My ideal image would the person and the leopard sitting on a tree branch in a synchronous environment. If possible I would like the image to also have almost a cartoon effect as well. I have attached the...
  4. F

    Adding false color to grey-scale x-ray images - help!

    I've my dissertation next year, and would like to investigate the use of airport style x-ray images in radiological x ray images. The airport style images colourise pixels of a greyscale image based on their darkness (ie. black-->green, grey---->orange, light----->blue). This mean I need some...
  5. D

    Illustrator Illustrator halfone screen gradient

    Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of the colour halftone on the attached images please so that it is just black and white:banghead:
  6. ZeroCool22

    Automatically Remove Backgrounds!

    Adobe developed an AI method that automatically Remove Backgrounds From Images. SOURCE:
  7. M

    Transparent background 3 images

    Could you please make the background of these 3 images transparent?Thank you!
  8. K

    Quick saving images in sequence in CS6?

    Hi there! Not a Photoshop newb per se, but not very experienced either. I've been having fun making stop motion animations with Photoshop by editing images piece by piece (like cutting out and eye, replace it with another eye, moving a foot a bit, add a kangaroo etc), saving the images image...
  9. N

    How do you send images to people?

    As amazing as it is... somehow there is a massive percentage of people who can't seem to open up .zip files... Most of them are obviously on macs or smart phones, but still... cmon this is one of the most basic of file formats... Anyway. Is there any convenient way other than zipping files to...
  10. 1

    Can't open images in CS5

    I recently had a lot of problems with my Windows 7 computer and after it was fixed I had to reinstall a lot of my programs including CS5. Photoshop was working perfectly before I had the problems but now if I'm working on an image and click on File, Save as, (jpeg is chosen) Libraries, Picture...
  11. N

    Give an image an orange cast (was: Help to get an (orange) instergram (sic) effect)

    Hi , I am looking to create photos similar to these. Here are the effects i like to get》》 Very interested to know how the photos are adjusted for this finish in photoshop. here some images that anyone could try out. Thanks for helping!
  12. M

    A complex request (was: A Simple Request)

    Hi, i'd like to ask someone to crop out these two face shots of Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady, as well as the Patriots logo and place them in the "Salt Bae" image, replacing the salt so it would appear that he is sprinkling the faces and the logo instead of the salt. It would be nice if the...
  13. T

    File Info

    I recently upgraded my PC in lieu of my "dying on its feet" old lag of a machine. It came with Windows 10 ..nice looking but takes a bit of getting used to. I installed my Photoshop CS6 on the machine with no problems. Now the Problem............... I do some freelance photography work and when...
  14. H

    How do I clean up scanned images in CS6?

    Hello! How do I go about cleaning up the noise in a scanned image / document in CS6? I scan my images with a Ricoh Aficio SP 311SFNw printer and whenever I print out those images, the whole page comes out grey (tons of digital noise). This does not happen if I were to scan and print an image...
  15. T

    images resizing

    I am new on this site, I just really need a few images resizing to 1080 by 1080 or less!
  16. A

    Portrait picture

    Hey there! I've got two portrait images which I want to use as CV pictures. Unfortunately I had to take them with the phone camera and poor light. The following things should be done: - Replace background with something "professional" - Fix light - Fix color - Remove reflection on glasses...
  17. K

    Multiple Images not loading in Layers

    Hi, I have a very peculiar problem: every time I attempt to load multiple images into Layers in Photoshop, I can see the images being loaded but then they just disappear and there is nothing there. It doesn't matter how many times I try it or if I try from different places, i.e. mini Bridge...
  18. R

    RAM issue when editing large images

    hello i want to use photoshop for medium large images..when i open 10 images( 3500 - 2500 px ) to remove background and i want to use quickselection tool it shows this error while there is still free amount of RAM to use .. also i let photoshop to use all RAM plz help ...
  19. A

    Change of appearance of photoshop file

    I have been working on this photoshop file for a while now, it has several layers. Today after dragging a photo onto it from my desktop, the look of the entire file changed completely. There have appeared empty spaces in a the images and layers and some random black lines. Anyone knows how this...
  20. L

    Making selections

    Is it possible to change the colour of the dots and lines when using the various selection tools in Photoshop? Often it is quite difficult to see these easily when working with black & white images.