layer mask

  1. J

    Layer Adjustments

    Hi, I did some scanning and opened them up in PS for editing. I've grouped certain layers and applied a Levels adjustment layer. I have a layer within that group that has a text box that's a bit too dark however other paragraphs are fine. How can I isolate just the text box and remove the...
  2. P

    Need help with having a layer only go over another layer and delete the rest of it

    Hello Photoshop Gurus, Newbie here, probably really simple but I cannot seem to figure this out, I want to have only one part of a layer go over another, and delete the rest of the layer, Here are some pictures of what I mean: I want the selection to only go over the V and the surrounding...
  3. G

    Remove Boarder Around Icon

    Hello - Let me begin by saying I am very new to Photoshop and am trying to learn as I go along. I have tried looking for similar posts in the forum but I cannot seem to find the "magic" formula to accomplish my goal. I use Photoshop Elements 14 on a MacBook. I am trying to remove what appears...
  4. J

    Difference Clouds Filter and Layer Mask

    Hello everyone. I'm attempting to follow the short tutorial below but I'm stuck at a step and was hoping I could get help from someone more experienced in Photoshop. There is a part after creating the 'squiggly line' effect from the Difference Clouds filter that instructs the user to "Apply...
  5. Brian Soto

    Gradient Tool 'Replacing, But' Not 'Adding'

    I'm going through a tutorial where we're using a technique that employs the use of the basic gradient tool to cover parts of a layer mask. From what I can tell, the instructor in the video is using a default black to white gradient. The problem I'm having is that he keep using the gradient tool...
  6. B

    Photoshop CC 14.2.1 - Icon transformation Help

    Hi guys, I'm trying to use some icons with a program called Arcmap but i haven't been successful yet. The icons are squared and i want to remove the white part around (or to make it transparent). Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
  7. A

    Help on how to do this ?

    help pls :D
  8. S

    channel selection size changes when I select and apply layer mask

    I'll try and explain so this makes sense! I am making selections of models off of a white background. I use the quick select tool and refine to make a clean selection. I go in and use the clone tool to remove the "halo" that is still there to make a super clean selection with no light bleed...
  9. C

    Mutiple Layer Masks on Single Layer

    Dear Everyone, A student of mine asked why you would create multiple layer masks on a single layer; it's a good question, and I can't find an answer online - ideas? Thanks! Chava Drummond
  10. S

    I am having trouble with layer mask settings (I THINK)

    Hi there, this is my first post of hopefully many i love using photoshop however my enjoy has been mered wtih an issue i have with my layer mask.. When i try to use layer mask to blend two images together where it used to completely remove the top layer it now only removes like 80% leaving like...
  11. peta62

    Question about differences in transfering masks to selection and back

    Hello, I considered posting this in the newbies section, since I am sure it will be trivial for some, so please feel free to move it there if you think it should be there. But please explain me what I try to figure for a long time. I make layer mask which is a bit fuzzy, so it merges...
  12. S

    linking layer masks across layers

    Hi! so the question is simple the answer I don't know. In photoshop CS4, I can link within a LAYER, the IMAGE and its MASK. So that the if I use the MOVE tool, both moves together. So far so good. Imagine now you have 2 layers (LAYER 1 and LAYER 2) both with their own masks (MASK 1...
  13. N

    color banding issue

    hi all, have worked on a landscape image with a lot of sky. using a series of layers with masks I intensified the sky from the flat dull lazy light blue to somthing a lot darker, grading from light to dark. End result is showing banding across the sky, which looks to be associated with the...