1. Tom Mann

    Anyone recognize the smartphone app to give this waxy, almost cartoon-like effect?

    A friend asked if I knew what cell phone app or web-based editing program was used to give the waxy, crayon-like, almost cartoonish appearance to the attached image. I'm not talking about the shallow DOF, the green from the Hg vapor lights in the ceiling, the general blur, or any of the other...
  2. P

    1rst composited image

    Newbie here, posted my very first composited image, these are stock images I purchased. Ive been spending some quality time with trying to learn photoshop basics. Looking for constructive criticism, advice, and opions. This was assembled from 3 separate images as you can see I included...
  3. B

    Simple Photo Background Edit Help

    Hi, can someone please help me remove the person for the background of the image, the bald guy lol. thanks
  4. R


    :) Hi I have just bought the latest photoshop with lightroom and i have no clue on how to us it lol. So please i apologise upfront for asking so many questions. Best regards Robert
  5. F

    I need help with a clan logo please.

    Hi I'm looking for help with a clan logo that I'm in, the clan is "Fallen*Angelz*Gaming" I was wondering if someone could please make me a logo that look's like the Optic clan logo With "Fallen Angelz Gaming" on the bottom. The letters that are together are "FAG" yes that sounds stupid I know...
  6. N

    Newbie here :)

    Hi all Quite the forum pest. Lately have taken an interest in Photoshop, currently got Photoshop CC 2014 for my Macbook Pro and have been experimenting. Contemplating on getting a graphic tablet, have one atm but it's a shoddy one from China lol. If anyone has suggestions, tips/advice or...
  7. gautamz07

    Simple BG Reverse engineered

    Well below is the image and you know what i'am going to do with it ...... break it down and build it again :D been out of graphics for a while . consider this my comeback lol , not that i was a real graphics guy ever :P ... let the party begin :rocker:.
  8. Paul

    Funny jokes and images Thread

    Ok make your own or post a funny image from the net, even better if it's shop related:thumbsup:
  9. B

    Funny Photoshop Request!

    Hey there, this is my brother. i added a picture of him running, could someone shop it so it looks like hes in a crowd running after Justin Bieber? Or maybe you could make him running from something, just make it funny!:) and i also added another you could do whatever you like with. Have...
  10. Paul


    Christmas week and it's getting warmer here... STICKY NIGHTS:)
  11. Carson

    Spam wars

    haha Starting spam wars!
  12. brandon skyy

    SILVER SURFER attempt lol

    I couldnt find an actual tutorial on the silver surfer, so i did what I thought was best just from scratch. Watch the video and let me know what you think, its only about 5 minutes! (high speed) i love making these videos now. NEW FINISHED PRODUCT as of 5/19/11