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  1. T

    Paid Mock up on Christmas ornament

    I would like these images to be mocked up onto a Christmas ornament. Need the front and back in two separate graphics. Editable vector files would be a plus.
  2. J

    Product mockup with multiple smart object layers

    I am trying to do a mockup of a dog bow tie. I have copied the main layer so I have 3 layers of the bow tie and then selected the part of the bow tie I want to change in each layer. I have attached an image. Now I have my problems. I know I need to do a displacement map for each layer and...
  3. D

    Work in Progress My first mockup

    This is a mockup. I intend to write a program in Javascript to automate the replacement of the 5 polaroids photos. What do you think of this idea and the general composition of this mockup? All ideas will be welcome.
  4. Aakshat

    Book Mockup

    So someone asked to create a book mockup where they can place there own images on the pages. this is the original image And this is what i've made. critiques are very welcomed. I've contort the pages using warp (mainly), distort and other transformation tools. And i had really hard time...
  5. B

    How to make a canvas mock up thicker and wrap my image

    Hi, I am reasonably new to Photoshop so please bear with me! I have some canvas art that I need to show mocked up, the size of the canvas is 40inches x 30 inches, I want 1.5 inches each side to wrap around the canvas frame, so my image is 43inches x 33 inches. I have a got a mock up psd file...
  6. T

    Free PSD Mockups

    Hi, I want to share with you a site where you can download PSD Mockups (electronic, food, item) entirely for Free. All mockups have editable semi-transparent shadows, electronics mockups - iPhone, iPad, Surface are in all colors and also have fully editable screens. All assets on
  7. O

    Mockup question

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help please? I have been looking at creating mockups (they make my life so much easier). I have a quick question now - if I created a bi-fold mockup, with only partial of the page 2 showing, how can I still convert page 2 to use as a mockup? I have...
  8. D

    Looking to hire someone to finish a mockup ($50+)

    Hello all, I am looking for someone to help me out of a jam. I need to mockup a truck with a food trailer and blend it in to a background. I can provide the psd files that have the truck and trailer separated and I can provide the background image I plan on using. I was supposed to finish this a...
  9. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Odd Issue with Smart Objects

    Okay, I'm really new here, and to PS too (about 2-3 months' experience). But the other day I purchased an e-book reader mockup (at a good price, too), and was at a bit of a loss. It uses smart objects, so of course I had to google that. But once I did, I was surprised at how incredibly easy it...
  10. F

    T-Shirt Automate Mockup Action Script

    Hello... i have two images, one is graphic image and other t-shirt, i do have many graphic images and i want to mockup all these graphics on a tshirt. Following are my steps: 1. open both files(graphic and tshirt) 2. adjust the graphic on tshirt(transform and adjust x-y axis of graphic...
  11. I

    A little trouble with editing a Mockup!

    Hi all... Was hoping someone could give me a step by step for editing the 'wooden' logo in this mockup. I can do the 'business card' (pretty straight forward) but just can't get my head around the 'wooden cutout'. Any pointers would...
  12. Kaja

    Hi ! I am Kaja ;)

    Hi ! I am Kaja.
  13. D

    Any good tutorial or what's best easiest way to create a brochure mockup with 3d mode

    I want to create a mockup like this I know the complicated, time wasting way, and with actions etc. , I'm way too lazy to do that. and since I just upgraded to the extended version, I want to use the 3d mode. I already googled, found none helpful. Please help. Thanks and please excuse my bad...
  14. E

    Please help: mesh/3D stuff

    Hello, I'm new here :) I print and produce full wrap phone cases, full wrap meaning the print goes round the sides of the case not just the back. I use a 3D heat press to get the results. Anywaaaaay, as you can imagine we have a lot of designs, which would mean printing EVERY design in every...
  15. G

    Free Photo Puzzle In Hands Mock-up

    Free Photo Puzzle In Hands Mock-up Download link: Click here Virustotal : Verify
  16. A

    Breakthrough effect on T-shirts mockup

    Hello everyone. I am trying to reproduce the effect that you can see in this image. But I get really mediocre results :frown: Evidently my knowledge of photoshop is insufficient to reach this goal. So I decided to ask here the help of some expert. It is possible to achieve these results...