1. potamia

    All the Money in the World - Alternative Movie Poster

    All the Money in the World - Alternative Movie Poster
  2. potamia

    It Comes at Night - Alternative Movie Poster

    It Comes at Night - Alternative Movie Poster
  3. potamia

    Hacksaw Ridge - Alternative Movie Poster

    Hacksaw Ridge - Alternative Movie Poster
  4. potamia

    The Blue Umbrella - Alternative Movie Poster

    The Blue Umbrella - Alternative Movie Poster
  5. potamia

    Live By Night - Alternative Movie Poster

    Live by Night - Alternative Movie Poster
  6. K


    I'd like to get someone to make my truck look like one from the movie Cars, for my boy. Similar to the one in yellow.
  7. Z

    Hi there

    I'm a new member I'm looking to make friends and find help as I'm designing movie inspired t-shirts for my friend's new movie site!
  8. vladitan

    Fantasy raven

    Here is some movie poster.
  9. Sir-Adrian Mwangudza

    Movie Poster Creation.

    Testing My skills at movie poster creation.Let me know where I can improve and if possible post samples of works you've done in relation to this.
  10. M

    Creating movie from photos

    I have a series of photos (120) of an object rotating. I would like to convert them to show them as a continuous movie at 24fps. So, I don't want Ken Burns effects, transitions etc., simply each one on screen for 1/25 sec in turn. I looked at the movie section of PS and can create a movie, but...
  11. agentmoeller

    Harley Quinn

    From the new movie, caricature of Harley Quinn... The font is lame, but I can't find anything that matches the original photo.
  12. T

    Telugu film tittle name poster design help

    Can any one to design Telugu movie tittle posters names are sivam, Souryam,varna....I can't get how they created that rough tittles pls help me
  13. agentmoeller

    Sneak peek.....

    ... at the Black Panther movie poster.
  14. R

    Any tips on how to achieve this cinematic style from Hobbit?

    Look at this amazing poster from the movie Hobbit - The Battle of Five armies. I love the aesthetic style of it. The skin tones, the clothes, the lighting, the sharpness of it. I am trying for ages to achieve this in my images. I have tried HDR, Shandows/Highlights, High Pass Sharpening, Apply...
  15. H

    Hopefully this is a simple question...

    Hi friends, I am trying to design the back of a DVD cover. Look at the left middle of attached image where there are screenshots of the movie "cropped" in random shapes, with grey borders around these clips. How did she do that? I use a very old version of Photoshop (Photoshop 7). I know...
  16. Eggy

    Film logo

    Weeks ago I was watching TV and during a commercial break an intro with a short piece of a movie was showed. I only remember the very short intro showing a combination of the letters C and E with casted shadows on both walls. I found it an interesting concept. I'm not a movie fanatic and I did...
  17. P

    Horror Movie Poster Critique

    Does it need more? Any Ideas of how I could make the door effect better? How can I make it more frightening?
  18. K

    Photoshop CS6: How to make 360 movie of images

    Hi Folks:cheesygrin: The new kid here with my first question. I'm looking to get serious about my E commerce site, I want to be different then just a (flat) image showing the product. I've been trying to figure out how to make everything a 360 degree view. I'm mostly looking to use this...
  19. A

    Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction help?

    Hi there everybody. I use Photoshop CS6 to make animated gifs from movies. I do this by opening the movie in VLC and taking screenshots, which I save to a folder. I open them in Photoshop by creating a document the same size as the screenshot, and then dragging the screenshots into the canvas...
  20. PhotoshopTrainingChannel

    Movie Poster

    Here's my re-creation of the Bourne Legacy Movie Poster