1. T

    Specific Make Butterfly Edges Yellow Please

    I'm using this picture in a talk, and wanted to showcase a fresher specimen. Is there a way someone could replace the tan border with a yellow one? (while keeping the patterns on the wing's edge). Thanks!
  2. W

    Specific can u please make the picture look prettier

    Hi, the environment and the atmosphere of this picture does not look so, can you please make it look prettier by tweaking around here n there, and maybe changing the vibes and the atmosphere. Thanking you
  3. C

    Photo inside person.

    Hello! I'm just wondering how somebody would be able to make pictures like this! I tried a few times but could not seem to find a good way to do it. Thank you very much! Full Photo
  4. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] Man Vs Nature.

    Full Size:
  5. C

    Natural Connection || Branding Concept

    Seen an advert on TV the other day making stuff in your garden for nature saying "Nature deserves a home". Well nature has a home, it's called nature. So I wanted to make a logo and the connection between the two. It's a very simple but clever design ideal for branding.
  6. Adam Guard

    Nature Photos

    After planting some sunflowers this past summer, there was ample opportunity for some good photos. Here's one that could be a wallpaper... My compact camera has a panorama setting built right in that works pretty good. Here's a sunset I took last autumn.
  7. B

    Autumn is coming (dragon)

    Hi all I decided I didn't want to follow a tutorial step-by-step so this is merely based on a tutorial that involves creating a dragon out of natural elements. I'm not sure if the leaves on the dragon's body would look better in the same shade of green as on the tail and head or whether it's...
  8. V

    Nature is beautiful isn't it?

    Please like, share and subscribe!:D Download the full background:
  9. TiMmY

    Nature Photos

    Took some photos last week, decided to upload them. All were taken with a Sony a55
  10. kroeshi

    Spring bliss

    Hi everyone i just joined PSG and thought i'll post a pic i did earlier and please be as honest as possible and all criticism is welcomed so please let me know what you think :) taken with with a n95 cam.