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    Duplicating layers with different opacity problem

    Hi, I'm a portrait photographer and I have learned some new techniques that require me to make some adjustments/apply filters/etc, on a background duplicate layer and then to tone down the effect that I've created by lowering the opacity of that new layer. Then, the guy flattens the image and...
  2. M

    My brush isn't solid! Help!!

    Help! My regular brush isn't solid black, it's transparent! Brush opacity settings are 100%, hardness is at 100%, Layer opacity is at 100%, and my pen pressure doesn't control the opacity either. How can I fix this? What do I do to make my brush solid black again? For some reason...
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    How do I make the airbrush tool more smooth when I save it as an animated GIF?

    Basically I am having problems with the airbrush tool. When i draw, I draw on Sai Paint tool program and then edit on photoshop as Im not experienced enough to completely draw on photoshop yet. So when editing a picture, I made a simple heart moving animation. I also added two light pink hearts...