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  1. G

    [3D] opacity map with unlit?

    I handpaint textures for 3D characters, and I'd like to know if there's a way to work with an opacity map in unlit settings, since unlit seems to ignore that completely.
  2. T

    Brush opacity and feathering algorithms - just a discussion.

    Opacity is 'fill' level for brush. So a brush at 100% opacity will 'fill' at 100%. So why then, does it take three brush strokes to reach maximum fill at 50% opacity (when logic says it should take 2), and seven brush strokes to reach maximum fill at 25% opacity (when it should take 4)...
  3. C

    Creating a Trading Card Game Frame

    Hello I'm not an expert at Photoshop by any means, but I know how to put a text in a box or cut someone's eyebrows out :mrgreen: Right now I'm trying to make a frame/template for my own game. I don't want anything too fancy, I was just trying to put a few boxes around and ended up with...
  4. J

    Transparency is suddenly much darker

    Hello, I need help with a weird problem. Yesterday I did some graphics in Photoshop and beside PSD I saved them also as PNG. Today when I open any of the files and save them again as a PNG all pixels with less then 100% opacity are much darker. It affects for example drop shadow effect in...
  5. M

    Basic Photoshop 3d questions

    HI Guys! I've been doing photoshop for over 20 years and just found this forum, so I"ll try and contribute where I can. I need a few pointers with 3D in photoshop. Anybody please chime in. I've had to mock up semi transparent bottles with labels. Like water bottles with labels around it. --...
  6. PegoMan

    Quick Mask Opacity

    I recently bought a new MacBook Pro and anytime I use Quick Mask when doing a selection the red color has a very low opacity compared to the same on my iMac 21". It might be something simple, but I haven't been able to increase the opacity. I've included two screen shots, one form the laptop...
  7. IamSam

    Digital Painting: Hair 101

    Ok, for this first installment we are just going to cover the very basics of how I paint hair. For this tut, I will only use the Brush Tool, no special brushes, and black and white as my pallet. I'm using a Wacom Intuos tablet. My basic brush settings for the hair brush are: Mode: Normal...
  8. T

    Photoshop animation tweening problem

    I have a project due for class and I have to make a digital animation over an actual video. To do this, I decided to just make the animation in photoshop with a transparent background so that I could then overlay the two videos on top of one another. However, after I put all my key frames down...
  9. Pixel and Bracket

    Photoshop Quick Tip: Layer Fill vs Layer Opacity

    Today we're going to be looking at the difference between layer fill and layer opacity. Both fill and opacity deal with the transparency of a layer, but can have very different effects depending on the contents. In this tutorial I will be using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. If you have an...
  10. T

    How can I make my composite better - more realistic?

    I did this up the other day - selfie at home and added this background. it's not as realistic as I wanted. Just wondering if there are some tips and trick the pros could share or tutorials out there. I took a look online and one of the was to brush on more color and blend mode that to soft...
  11. B

    Masking problem

    I'm having a really weird Photoshop problem, wondering if anyone has experienced this and can tell me what's going on. Masking is not completely masking. When I go to the layer mask (not vector) and paint with a black brush, the pixels are not entirely going away. In other words, it looks like...
  12. K

    How to use opacity settings to create a composite imgage?

    Hi! I'm new! I'm creating a composite image of 7 faces. They are each on a different 'Normal' layer. I want them to all be represented equally but the top layers are more prominent than the bottom. How much do I have to adjust the opacity levels to change this? I know I can use 'multiply' to...
  13. D

    Water over cliff

    I am trying to create a scenario where water pours over a cliff (the cliff is a straight horizontal cliff across). The water has to have a real photo effect of a waterfall but not as dense as I am trying to focus on showing more of the cliff more than the water. I have tried opacity and masked...
  14. Z

    Trouble with Quick Mask

    Hello, I'm a new Photoshop user trying to create a quick mask. My end goal is simply to reduce the opacity of part of a photo to allow text to be more easily read in this area. I am able to apply a quick mask, but when I reduce the opacity, the entire photo's opacity is affected. Any...
  15. H

    "Baking" opacity to semi-transparent layer.

    Hey! I have a layer that varies in opacity (from 0% to semi-opaque to 100% opaque). Colour from the layer behind is showing through and blending with the semi-opaque layer. Can I bake that blend that results from the two layers, so that it is baked onto the foremost layer? This will be a...
  16. J


    Hey all, Can anyone please take a look here. I want to add some text to the centre of the house image and in order to make this text more readable, I want to fade this central area of the image, maybe using opacity. So I created a mask = the outer area of the image is 100% opacity, while...
  17. D

    opacity not saving all of a sudden (CS5)

    Greetings forum, I have been using photoshop for a long time now. Yesterday I tried to create a .png that originally contained two layers. Layer 1 was a fill with it's opacity set to 75% and Layer 2 was a centered image. In the past I have been able to save this as a .png and retain the opacity...
  18. A

    Is it possible to create transparent shapes in Photsohop?

    I need to create 100% transparent objects in Photoshop, in this example I create simple shape using Polygon Tool, Normal mode and anti-alias: (can't post links yet, 2 more post to go and I'll edit :)) Now I create a shadow on new layer below, delete the...
  19. J

    Photoshop brush opacity problem

    Hi all! I have a problem, whenever I try to make a brush stroke it comes out 50% transparent. The brush opacity is set to 100% and the layer is also set to 100%, and the mode is normal. I reseted the brush tool, but it didn't help at all. Basically I didn't change anything, but...
  20. N

    70% opacity file: how do I save for the web

    I am creating a background for a web image that is straightforward: 70% opacity rectangle. It can't be 100% opaque I tried the 'Save for Web' option and saving into a .jpg and .gif format and it's making the image loose this key 70% opacity. What's a way to save this?