1. J

    Automatic perspective control

    Can you please let me know how to automatically correct perspective with Photoshop CS6? If possible, please send me step-by-step instructions, not merely a video as, at age 79, I find it difficult to memorize the steps on a video without a text accompanying it. Thanks in advance for your help...
  2. A

    Applying perspective automatically to a smart object?

    Hi guys, i'm in the middle of creating a bathroom at the moment in photoshop. I've got my floor scaled out and perspective warped, i've got my skirting board applied. at the moment i've got some Wall cladding on the back as a straight image. and i've got the 2 side walls perspective warped and...
  3. M

    Please change the background

    Please change the red tiles behind with this: And add the perspective of the red tiles to that texture. Thanks!
  4. M

    Transforming perspective using a scale

    Dear all, I have to deal with photos of soil sections taken from the surface, so that the vertical face is not perpendicular to the camera, but at an angle (in one plane only). I use a custom scale and the distort command in free transform to adjust the perspective as best as I can. However, I...
  5. mikecox

    Perspective warp I get 4 points not 4

    In the online tutorial, there are 4 points to manipulate but when I open the Perspective editor I only get 4. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. C

    How do you guys get the right perspective views when using stock photos?

    So I'm starting to do matte work and Im finding it very frustrating to find photos that have the right perspective views. Example: Im working on a floating island with a building on top of course since its floating I need a view looking slightly up. But cant for the life of me find any stock...
  7. S

    changing perspective

    hello, I have a project I'm working on that requires me to take a image of a rug that is full frame. and then take a image of a sofa or chair, then put the sofa on top of the rug in a way that makes it look like i took the picture standing in front of it in real life. so i need to change...
  8. S

    After Effects Adding photo to a movie

    Hello guys! Please first have a look to this 8 second video: Now I need to use this photo: in this 8 second video. When the camera turns to show the front and out side of the car I want use the photo but with transparency (I want dissolve), user should be able still to see the background...
  9. L

    Need help plz trying to create a corner shape

    Hi good Day. I don't know the correct words to call this but i added a picture. I wanted to create a double t like the picture for our wedding monogram. and also add a so it kind of reflect of of it or like a shadow on the ground in the middle. don't have a pic of that last meaning. But it's 3...
  10. A

    Change perspective of character

    Hi, I created character and I want to change the perspective to right like in photo like this: And this my character: I tried to change to perspective but I'm not succeed How can I do it? Thanks!
  11. M

    Embossed / Perspective help

    Hello, I am trying to achieve the look below but having a hard time getting the realistic effect. Is this done in PS? Does anyone know any tutorials for getting the perspective look as well as the real feel? I'm thinking it's a gradient layer within the emboss... Any links to tutorials would...
  12. V

    Patterned Rings in Perspective Question

    Hi there! I'm looking to achieve a specific effect of wrapping a pattern around a ring, and then putting that image into perspective where it appears to be receding into space. The best example I can find of this effect is in this image: Notice how the artist created these rings of...
  13. R

    Create perspective on a layer

    I shot a food photo at 45° degrees and want to change the table bg. I downloaded something that I like but it was shot at 180° Did a good job of masking the plate but when I add the tabletop to the food the difference in angles is clear, Just spent a couple of hours trying to correct this but...
  14. A

    Perspective Warp Animations

    With the Perspective Warp feature in Photoshop CC, can you create an animation of the tilting of a 2d object to create an effect similar to this. Click on image.
  15. pslane

    Illustrator need a perspective editing tool

    Good Saturday to you. I am making a ribbon trailing from a bow and the tool I need is a perspective tool to get the top corners to draw inward, leaving the bottom as is. I can't seem to find the tool for that. Can you help? Thanks, pslane
  16. gautamz07

    how to make text more vibrant and more interesting to read.

    guys , I was just making a section which contains the about us paragraph . i usually see the about us sections are quite boring and the text from a users perspective is quite boring and uninteresting . have a look below : can that be made anymore interesting ? how ? i mean from a UI...
  17. D

    Help getting text like this

    Hi i am wondering if anyone can help me. I want to get the word kays in this style of lettering, It's more the bend and perspective which i am after not so much the colours. Properly really simple but I am finding it hard, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Limousine

    I tried to make a steampunk car once again. Several attempts failed when I tried to place the objects in the right perspective on the surface of the car. I realized that I had to search for images with a similar perspective like that of the car. Adapting the images in photoshop was nevertheless...
  19. K

    Help or tips needed for text effect.

    Hello gurus! Please excuse my supreme ignorance. I have been trying to replicate the effect on the text that says "Vintage Auto Races" with no luck so far. What i want to achieve is to make a text gradually decrease or increase in size. Notice how the font is gradually decreasing and yet, it...
  20. R

    perspective / horizon / size of the composition

    Hello Everybody, For some reason I can't seem to get the perspective / horizon / size of the composition right. I know the pictures of the animals also have their own horizon and camera angle etc. What is the best way to get this right? Thanks!