1. B

    Help Photoshopping us into a different area

    Hi! I'm completely new to photoshop and honestly have no idea as to what I'm doing with it. My friend recently lost her phone and all the photos of us were on it. I have this one photo of us saved on my phone but we took it in her house so we wouldn't forget later. Most of our pictures were from...
  2. P

    Hi Gurus

    Hi Photoshop Gurus, I am new to this forum and I wanna master the art of Photoshopping with the help of gurus. I hope it ll be helpful ::)
  3. R

    Help photoshopping someone in.

    I have a couple pictures were my friend wants to photoshop her ex out and put someone else in his place.
  4. J

    Hello from Canada

    I am new here and do not do any photoshopping but am looking for someone to help me accomplish something. i am so non techie that I don't even know if photoshopping can do this. i have 4 or 5 photos of my grand daughter that I would like merged into one photo so I can then have this printed...
  5. L

    Recently passed away dog

    i have this photo of my parents rotties romy and rolo that i absolutely love however i hate the background... and recently the rottie on the left (romy) had complications in her lower back so she had to be put down.. i would like to get this photo on canvas as a reminder of the awesome duo they...
  6. T


    I'm a 31 year old photographer from Sweden. Currently worked mostly in lightroom but really wanna get into photoshop and more extensive photoshopping. Need to do some graphic design for my work too so I really need catch up on my photoshop skills. Take care!
  7. R

    Could anyone help with photoshopping two images together?!

    I am very incompetent at even basic photoshopping, so any help would be very very much appreciated! Basically, I would like to turn photos of famous people into black and white, and then photoshop them into the below picture so it looks like I have my arm around them: (sorry it's not great...
  8. hawkeye

    Really bad Photoshopping
  9. polarbear_ed

    Photoshopping an object into a picture.

    I'm very much a newbie. I was experimenting and after looking everywhere for the above question I still couldn't find an answer that suited. I have a photo I've been working on and in it I've attempted to photoshop an iMac on this desk. I've also tried to photoshop a box on the chair. The...
  10. A

    Screen resolution for photoshopping (1366x768 VS 1920x1080)

    Buying a laptop for photoshopping (15,6 inches), is there a huge difference between 1366x768 resoluton VS 1920x1080 resolution? There is a huge difference in the prices when looking for a bigger than 1366x768 resolution. The question is whether it makes a big deal, or should we just...
  11. R

    Freelance photoshopping?

    Hi, Photoshop gurus! The reason why I joined this forum is because I simply exhausted my Google skills. I was looking for hours for a website, where I can post my amateurish photos to have Photoshop gurus like yourselves improve them (for a small fee). If I may, I have a few questions for your...