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  1. J

    Creating an Email Signature

    Hello! I am a secondary school teacher in charge of graphic design and have been asked to create a universal email signature for the entire school, based upon one that I had made for myself in Photoshop. I have a Macbook Pro 16" Retina M1, and what I am finding is that when I go to import the...
  2. Z

    Paid Generate one missing line of pixels

    Hello there ,i got a task with a reward , if someone can generate correct missing pixels into the line where they are missing There are 32 missing pixels together The reward is 25$ by paypal if you hit correct order
  3. K

    Need grey icons seperated from white background without altering pixels.

    As someone who has been using Photoshop for years I'm at wits end. I'd like to consider myself a seasoned user but oh well. Basically I need to remove the white background from this image I screenshot off my browser: But I want to make sure that the pixels in the grey icons remain exactly the...
  4. R

    Increasing picture dimensions

    Hey guys! I'd like to increase the dimensions of a picture by putting on it some regular pixels. Can someone help me?
  5. IamSam

    We need a new FACEBOOK cover photo!

    Our Facebook page is needing some maintenance and we need a Cover Photo! Quite awhile back we held a contest of sorts for creating the graphics for the page. Those images were utilized for the profile picture but nothing was made for the cover photo. I don't think this needs to be a contest...
  6. L

    Star Wars Banner Request

    Hello. I am looking for a banner for my Star Wars the Old Republic Guild web page. Below are the requirements. I am looking to have both a Jedi and Sith theme and the name of our guild "Galaxy Knights" on the banner. Any help with this would be appreciated. Optimal Height Create headers...
  7. O

    How do I do pixeled gradient / effect like this?

    i wanna know how to get this effect of triangles pixels, thanks everyone :)
  8. M

    Irregular Halo

    I have a shop and use photoshop to sort out my photos. I have curved various coloured items in a block and after removing the background in various ways I am left with a jagged halo. I have tried to remove it by various means. I don't want to remove a similar amount of pixels from around the...
  9. Rekov

    Illustrator Difficulties exporting from Illustrator at a specific DPI

    Answered: Difficulties exporting from Illustrator at a specific DPI I am attempting to export a raster version of my Illustrator file, which is 3 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall. I am trying to export the image at 1200 dpi, so it would be 3600 pixels by 5400 pixels. Whenever I try to do this...
  10. S

    im really bad at editing

    hello, i need someone to add a dark grey (#424949) backround to this, tried doing it in microsoft paint but alot of "white pixels" left and they are hard to remove for someone like me (i have no experince what so ever in editing) and please, put it in the middle and and dont make it too big...
  11. A

    Actual Size vs Phone Resolution

    Hi there. I have an app I'm working on where I'd like to display the "actual size" of a ring on the screen. There are multiple sizes of rings and each has a very specific size (some in inches, some in millimeters). I found a sizing chart online (pdf document) that included the "actual size"...
  12. M

    Image Transformation following a pixel modification

    Hello. I need to clear up a few things in my mind about pixels and resolutions. I just want to make sure that I got things right. So, say I have an image that is 3500 pixels wide, if I choose in Photoshop that it has 100 pixels per inch instead of 300 pixels per inch, that means that the quality...
  13. M

    Pixel Strugle

    Hello everybody, I Joined this forum today to find PS knowledge and advice. I am a 3D modeller and started recenlty with texturing my models. PS has always been more a Pixel Strugle for me than a good tool to control pixels. So I need to learn, see and experience the power of PS. Have a great day !
  14. W

    Solid colour Mosaic/ Pixelate help

    Hi, I hope you can help me. I'm having trouble with my Mosaic/ Pixelate tool. I might be using the wrong filter. I basically create little 16-bit animations for social media (example) and I constantly use the Mosaic tool to give images that '16-bit' arcade style. I don't quite no how to explain...
  15. A

    Forum Signature Wanted.

    Hi guys I’de like to get a forum signature done up for me. It needs to be 555 pixels by 125 pixels i want to use this image and have my name (Aur0xx) in a cool font to match the assassins creed theme. i want to have a black background. i would like to have a little bit of shape to the...
  16. A

    How to make canvas effect

    Hi How can I do canvas effect like this icons (the icon size is 180x180 pixels) Thanks!
  17. T

    Finding neutral grey for color correction, without a grey card.

    I am familiar with using a solid color grey layer, blending with Difference and using Threshold to locate neutral grey. However, I don't understand it! In my mind, Yes, you will find neutral grey pixels in the image, but that cannot be what we are looking for. Are we not really looking for...
  18. A

    How does photoshop measure area and count pixels?

    The area of a circle that is 100 W X 100 H should be 7853.98 (Pix50x50). However, when I record measurements for this circle, the area displayed in my measurement log gives me 5720. My measurement scale is set to 1 pixel = 1 pixel. Furthermore, in my histogram I get "Pixels: 5640." What is...
  19. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #2 Linear Gradient Gripe.

    PS CC 2014 Win7 x64 Its unlike me to throw in the towel so readily but I've wasted too much time on this already and still :banghead: The Scene: A LINEAR (As in NOT logarithmic) Gradient from Black to White across 256 pixels going from Left to Right. The Problem: For some reason PS decides to...
  20. B

    Bitmap simple selection copy and pasting issue

    Hi everyone, I'm currently having an issue for when i use the lasso, quick selection or the magic wand tool. when i select something and copy and paste to a new layer or just copy it, it selects too few pixels and it is quite annoying. some pictures are below for an easier time contemplating...