1. Y

    a new avatar

    Hello, ive already asked for this, but today i found a better set of pics. The idea is to place the guy with any picture of the girl together with aby suitable background. Thanks in advance
  2. D

    Please help edit and change backgrround

    Hey, i need help to make me look more fair in this pic and change the background to any cool place, you think will be suitable and awesome. Thank you in advance
  3. R

    New Person

    My name is Dylan and I am new to this site. I was looking for a place to do more photoshop stuff and came across this place. I hope to be on often and to contribute hopefully regularly. I especially hope to participate in contests and to learn from them as I go on.
  4. chrisdesign

    1000 and more ideas for your next creation!

    Brain dead? No ideas for your project. Here is a good place to find inspirations for your next creations!
  5. C

    Please help editing my hand position

    Can someone place my right arm in a natural straight position with my hand in my pocket? I was not ready for the photo and it's the only decent once I've got from this trip. ( not too drunk to be specific ) I want, if someone wants to help, to place my right arm straight not in the position it...
  6. S

    Help with Xmas photo....

    Hi, Could someone edit this photo to get the light reflection marks out? It's the only picture that I have of both of them in the same place and looking at the camera....not easy with a 1 year old. Your help is appreciated! Thanks!
  7. R

    Help photoshopping someone in.

    I have a couple pictures were my friend wants to photoshop her ex out and put someone else in his place.
  8. hawkeye

    Free Photoshop Work

    It's become obvious that this site is composed primarily of people who see no value in their own time and skills and therfore is has devolved into the "come to place" for all things free. If you don't value your own skills, certainly no one else ever will. I believe my time here has come to an...
  9. D

    Can someone move my headshot and place it in front of this background?

    Hello, First time poster. Long time admirer of the forum. I'm hoping someone can move my body and place it in front of a chalkboard background, like as seen here: (** Note: I'm not wanting a face-swap. I'd just like to be placed on top of a background like the one in the pic linked.) My...
  10. A

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello everyone. A little about myself: I come from denmark and i work in a electronic store mainly doing customer support and repairing computers with software or hardware issues. I live with my girlfriend and i recently became a dad for the first time to a good looking boy that is now 4...
  11. E

    Hello from Doug

    Have been looking for a place like this. What a wealth of information! Doug
  12. M

    Hello Community

    Stumbled upon the site while intrawebbing. Looks like a nice place. Glad to be here.
  13. C

    Advanced help needed bad

    I am trying to put a catalog together of my indian artifacts. I need to turn a color picture into an actual drawing with pencil shading. I can turn my pictures into black and white sketch,but need help and instructions on how to put brush strokes in the place of the shading. I cant do each one...
  14. F

    Problem with installing extensions in PS cc 2015

    So I had a problem, as i watch tutorial he said that just place to file in plugin folder in adobe PS cc 2015 but when in open window>extensions there're nothing at all *This is what file content look like *the file location is before place it on C:/windows/program files/Adobe/Adobe...
  15. Eggy

    3D 3D submarine

    It doesn't always have to be space or air. So I made myself a little submarine. I had to give it his place in the water so...
  16. Paul

    Little Island just off the coast

    Spent a few days over at Rottnest, great place.
  17. ashley1

    How do I copy one section of the picture to paste on a new image?

    I want to copy the foreground (the lettering) of this image and paste the lettering to a new image. Also, how would I place the words underneath each other? Thank you! =)
  18. gedstar

    Bamboo Pen causing mouse to move erratically

    Hi all As the title says, my Bamboo pen is causing my mouse to move all over the place. When I put the pen down the mouse icon starts moving all over the place. I tried re-installing the drivers, changed the nib and it was fine for about a week. It's kind of random and doesn't happen all the...
  19. C

    Batch Automation Photoshop Action for two different images for Batch

    Hi, Im going crazy trying to make an action where I can place two different images and then use it in batch, I need a Document 8x12 where I can place 2 images 6x8 and then process a folder in batch with 65 images to be ready to print in a paper 8x12, can some body please tell me how to do it...
  20. L

    Placing a grid on a blank page

    I have volunteered to do a project where I will be required to place about 100 small pictures onto a larger sheet of paper, print them then cut the photos out. Is there a way to place a grid on the blank page, to facilitate placing all on the photos in line with one another, which will make...